18 Men Who Deserve the Award for “Best Dad Ever”

2 years ago

Aside from changes in hormone levels, becoming a dad physically changes our brains. New dads become more risk-aware, more sensitive, and skills like problem-solving, planning and focusing take the front seat. Daddios can make our worlds go round, and we’ve come across several that will make your heart get all warm and fuzzy.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to showcase some dads that are winners in our books.

1. “Yesterday I became a dad on my birthday! There are exactly 29 years between us. Welcome my daughter, Elle.”

2. “Did someone say beast mode?”

3. “First bath went well, I think. She wasn’t a fan of getting out though.”

4. “Born at 34 weeks, she spent a month in the NICU. She’s walking along the furniture now and has 8 teeth.”

5. “First Christmas morning with my son”

6. “After being a stay-at-home dad for 6 years, I, a 35-year-old man, started college alongside my son who just started kindergarten. We got this!”

7. No one said that a dad can’t take a bath with his kid.

8. “My little one is 2 weeks old today. I love him so much.”

9. “Here are some reflections from my first month of fatherhood.”

10. “My husband and our Wesley. Best friends already!”

11. “Time flies when you’re anxiously enjoying parenthood.”

12. “First time posting here. My wife sent me the best picture of my kids yet. I never thought I could feel so much love. I get it now. I love being a dad so much.”

13. “My 4-month-old and me”

14. “Is there anything better? Especially when you look over and see mom and grandma’s faces.”

15. “Only love can save us.”

16. “A proud new dad with both of my kids in the same picture for the first time”

17. “They ganged up on me today.”

18. “First-time dad, first post. Just one month in but I love being a dad!”

How was your dad as a parent? Please share any adorable photos you might have with him.

Preview photo credit Zweetkonijn / reddit


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