18 Pics That Prove a Makeover Can Be the Perfect Recipe for Success (or Disaster)

2 years ago

Many times, when we want to have a makeover, we decide to leave the matter in the hands of professionals who know what they’re doing. Hairdressers have the possibility to highlight our potential... but if they get a bit too creative, they can also ruin it completely. The following are examples of people who surely left the salon with their self-esteem sky high and others, well, a little closer to the ground.

Now I’ve Seen Everything decided to give this compilation a humorous twist by putting together a compilation of pictures showing great results, as well as terrible ones, according to the very people that took the photo.

1. “Saw a before pic of a girl that looked like my hair then saw her after pic with an edgy, shaggy cut. I haven’t changed my hair for years, and I was thrilled today to follow suit and really change it up. Thanks, girl!”

2. “Left is a salon I was recommended to. Right was an actual good place. Never going there again...in love with my hair now.”

3. “Finally at the length I’ve wanted since forever. Also makes for great insulation on colder days.”

4. “What I asked for vs what I got”

5. “I got it to celebrate the end of exams — definitely makes me feel like a real life cartoon character :)”

6. “Practice makes perfect: 1 month & 11 days later”

7. “Went to a hairdresser I’ve been gushing over for over a year, and treated myself to a balayage and a new cut. I’m so happy with the finished result!”

8. “The power of a good haircut”

9. “Throwback to 1 year ago when I gave my 8 yr old sister some ombre curls and she decided to be a literal model about it.”

10. “Second time donating hair, decided to go even shorter.”

11. “love my job! I was initially really sad to cut the length (I can’t grow mine to even my bra line) but once we chopped it, I realized she was meant for short hair.”

12. “Went to a salon for the first time, dye took 8 hours but it was worth it!”

13. “I convinced my husband 2 1/2 years ago to grow out his naturally gray hair from a buzz cut, to now (he’s 49). Here’s the result!”

14. “8 hours at the salon! Never thought I’d enjoy being blonde but I love it and now I’m kicking myself for signing up for the maintenance, lmao.”

15. “Been wanting a shaved head since high school and finally made the jump at 26. Wanted to go into 2020 a little lighter and loving it so far.”

16. “I went with the short bob.”

17. “I shaved my head for World’s Greatest Shave a few weeks ago. And honestly, every time I look in the mirror I’m stoked on what I see. It feels wonderful. Don’t know if I can go back!”

18. “Wanted to make my look a little edgier so I got a shag!”

Bonus: “All my photos are from 2019. It was a difficult year.”

When was the last time you had a makeover? Share pictures of it with us!

Preview photo credit HomerThisIsGod / Reddit


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