18 Pics That Prove Time Can Change Things Beyond Recognition

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Nothing can resist the power of time, not even a piece of metal or a block of brick. And while people usually consider brand new objects to be valuable, there is actually an emotional worth to worn-out things that make them all the more precious. After all, as time transforms our belongings, and even our face and body, each little change becomes a mark that reflects the memories of our life.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that we should always remember that time is unstoppable in order to live our best life. And here are 18 pics to prove that nothing will stay the same forever.

1 A tale of 2 teddies. My sister and I got them at the same time, 18 years ago.

2. “My work ID has been in its plastic holder for so long that it imprinted this ghostly image of my face.”

3. “A large tree was cut down years ago. Another tree grew on top of it.”

4. ’’The one and only basketball that lives at the local park and somehow still bounces.’’

5. “I found some change that had been in the brushes in the clothes dryer.”

6. “A cross-section of our painter’s 1-year-old stir stick”

7. “I was in Ireland 2 years ago and found this piece of a brick wall that had been shaped by the surf.”

8. “Due to years of beaver damage, this tree now looks like it’s melting.”

9. “The way the concrete has slowly risen over time from the metal tube of this bollard”

10. “Years of boops have taken their toll on Oden’s nose.”

11. ’’About time I bought some new work boots.’’

12. “This smaller rock drilled a perfect hole through this bigger rock over time.”

13. “I just found an old roll of biodegradable poop bags, and they really do disintegrate as advertised.”

14. “The amount of time this dog has leaned out their window”

15. “Years of a lock grinding on a brick”

16. ’’This leaf has been sitting on a fountain for a long time.’’

17. “The perfect gradient — the effect of chlorine over one year on pool towels at the hotel where I work”

18. ’’Cubic crystals growing in old Play-Doh.’’

Which pic was the most impressive to you? How often do you feel that time is passing by too fast?

Preview photo credit MonRastar/reddit, sangallium/reddit


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