20 Times People Saw Something So Great They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

2 years ago

Many people around us think they know and have seen everything. And as a study has revealed, they’re more likely to draw the wrong conclusions in most situations. That’s why we should treat everyday life as a new mystery puzzle and allow ourselves to be taught and surprised. Because there’s no fun in thinking we know everything when we can learn something new every single day.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows that life is full of surprises and things we’ve never seen before and here are 20 of those.

1. “Housekeeping staff found an owl in the room of a guest that checked out yesterday.”

2. “This lemon looks like a squid.”

3. Nature rolls snow into an albino carrot.

4. An octopus tree found in the UK woods

5. “A carrot that looks like a finger”

6. “The bathroom at a local music venue had these crazy abstract sinks.”

7. “This washed-up shell had eggs inside.”

8. “These jars contain the same amount of jam.”

9. A leaf that looks like an arrow

10. A tree pregnant with another tree

11. “My mom found a heart-shaped strawberry and I found an abstract one.”

12. “This cocoon looks like Groot had an accident.”

13. “The way this tree looks painted abstractly”

14. “My purple carrot is orange on the inside.”

15. “Someone hung lost glasses on this tree next to the hiking trail.”

16. “The shadow of my sunshades on my balcony looks like an arrow.”

17. “My sliced bacon looks pixelated.”

18. “Not sure if this happened by accident or what, but I thought it looked cool.”

19. It’s a cute baby mushroom.

20. “The cake cut my knife in two.”

What’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen? We would love to see your findings.

Preview photo credit idontlikethishole / reddit


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