18 Times Family Proved to Be Our Most Prized Possession

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Our sweetest, most intense and deepest emotions are shared with family. And even when we argue at times, these disagreements will only help our bond grow stronger. After all blood will never turn into water, and our close relatives will always be there to support us at all times. Because we only get one family, and it’s the only thing in life that can’t be replaced, and that is what makes it so precious.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that family adds so much meaning and sweetness to our existence. We’ll share tender pics that will make you want to go and hug your parents and siblings right away.

1. ’’My great-grandma wears a necklace with my baby photo when I’m traveling because she worries.’’

2. ’’Being a giant, I had a hard time finding a carrier that fits.’’

3. “My grandma and I accidentally matched outfits and it gave me life.”

4. “My mother-in-law heard I was feeling under the weather. She knows purple is one of my favorite colors, and she got me these flowers.”

5. “I saved this Winnie the Pooh bear I got in 1992 for my future child. Here’s my 5-month-old girl loving him like her daddy once did.”

6. “First-time dad at 37 years old. I’ve been waiting my entire life for him. Here he is at 5 months.”

7. “Mom and dad fell asleep while watching TV.”

8. “My husband finished preparing lunch while I wasn’t looking.”

9. “Same location, 16 years apart”

10. “My kids as Street Fighter characters. Mom’s the controller.”

11. ’’My world changed today.’’

12. “My wife and I worked at the same high school. Faculty and staff were allowed to have fun with their yearbook photos. This is what we did.”

13. “Every 5 years, my cousins and I take a photo. We were all raised together and see each other more as siblings!”

14. “She wanted tattoos like dad.”

15. “Here’s Grandpa first seeing me on my wedding day, before walking me down the aisle. It always makes me smile!”

16. “After trying for over 10 years, 4 miscarriages, and many tears, I finally had my dream come true. My heart is so full.”

17. “My parents made a Renaissance Fair for my kids, in my backyard, because the event was canceled this year.”

18. “First time seeing my dad in 18-20 years. I never knew a hug could fix so much.”

Do you have a photo of your family that makes you smile every time you look at it? Share your pictures with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit faith_the_free_elf / Reddit


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