19 Babies Who Look Like They Already Have Grandkids

year ago

Many newborn babies look like elderly people and the explanation is quite simple. They just have too much skin for the bone that exists underneath. That’s why the skin sags throughout their body and gives them a more geriatric appearance. As they get older, the bones start getting bigger and smooth out the sagged skin.

1. “My son is a grumpy old man that is tired of his father.”

2. When your kid is the spitting image of Danny DeVito:

3. When you see Mom and Dad sharing a kiss on the mouth:

4. Like your grouchy next door neighbor...

5. “Middle-aged 1-month-old.”

6. The old man who always complains about the price of coffee nowadays

7. The happiness of each grandpa when the grandkids visit

8. The uncle who cracks jokes and laughs by himself

9. Deep into the selfie game

10. “He looks like he pays taxes and is tired of kids on his lawn.”

11. Too young to be balding.

12. “Nobody’s laughing at the jokes you make, Grandma.”

13. Last night was a crazy night.

14. The womb was a much happier place...

15. “My nephew, 12 weeks going on 63 years.”

16. “Please take me inside where it’s warm.”

17. The forehead of a 50-year-old man

18. Nobody looks pretty when they wake up.

19. “This 71-year-old grandpa thinks your dinner smells horrible.”

Preview photo credit TrishyMay / Reddit, slimb0 / Reddit


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