19 Kitchen Hacks That’ll Turn You Into a Smarter Cook

2 years ago

One of the small pleasures in life is eating food you cooked yourself. Boiling the water, slicing the vegetables, and seasoning the meat can make us feel like little master chefs. Knowing the ins and outs of the kitchen and doing things in a practical way can save us time and money and help keep our cooking spaces mess-free.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered some of the best hacks you can use while showing off in the cooking department.

1. “When sprinkling icing sugar over pastries or cakes, balance your wire tray over the sink, dust liberally and any excess sugar can be easily rinsed away. No sticky counter/cloth!”

2. “It’s ridiculously easy to turn regular yogurt into Greek yogurt + whey! No special equipment is needed. Just use a regular kitchen strainer and a bowl and put it all in the fridge overnight.”

3. “Hear me out: Ramen packets make for awesome popcorn seasoning! Mix the powder with some melted butter or margarine, and then toss it with the popcorn. Add chili powder for an extra kick.”

4. “Don’t want to dirty 10 bowls for tacos? Use muffin tins!”

5. “Wrap hack”

6. “Grilled cheese cooked in a waffle iron — the holes hold extra soup.”

7. “I use an apple corer to prep my roast potatoes.”

8. “The spice decimator”

9. “Wrap a piece of lettuce around one side of your sandwich/burger to keep the goods from falling out the other side.”

10. “A loose leaf tea steeper is the best way to evenly sprinkle flour on a surface, corn starch on proteins, and powdered sugar on desserts.”

11. “Toaster oven s’mores for when you don’t have a campfire”

12. “You can cut an uncooked frozen pizza and put the slices in the air fryer for a quick slice!”

13. “Silicone molds are amazing for getting eggs perfect for egg sandwiches. You can do a whole egg or a scramble with veggies. Heat at 325 ºF for 14 minutes.”

14. “Use your cast iron pan upside down as a pizza stone.”

15. “Place pepperoni over bagel holes when making homemade pizza bagels. The cheese won’t melt and stick to the pan, and it gives toppings more surface area.”

16. “Spoons for anchors”

17. “Put a koozie on your ice cream pint, keep your hand warm, and ice cream cold.”

18. “Use the hot water you boiled the eggs in to keep the plate hot through a slow breakfast.”

19. “Mix cereals to regulate sweetness levels and create variety.”

What is your best trick for cooking your favorite food? How do you save time when preparing dishes?

Preview photo credit MumTeachesSonToCook / Reddit


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