9 Hidden Signs That You Might Lose Your Job Tomorrow

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The only thing worse than getting fired — is getting fired unexpectedly. This event not only puts your financial situation at risk but also damages your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are some signs that indicate how stable your position in the company is.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything think that we should always be on the lookout when it comes to work. So, we want to tell you about a few alarming signs that mean you might lose your job soon.

Your opinion doesn’t interest the boss anymore.

If your boss used to ask you regularly what you think about different work-related issues, and now they don’t care what you think, this is an alarming sign. You might not be valued professionally anymore. The same goes for when nobody cares about your mistakes, even though it was very different before. If you feel like you are invisible, maybe you’re not needed there anymore.

What to do: Analyze how responsible you are about your work. Maybe, you’re not as invested as you should be. Talk to your boss to find out how to fix the situation.

Your tasks are no longer clear or achievable.

If you used to get clear tasks, and now your boss gives you something really vague or impossible to do, it’s a bad sign. They might be trying to create a situation where you’re bound to make a mistake.

What to do: It’s better to start looking for a new job just in case you unexpectedly lose this one.

After a difficult conversation with your boss, you get the results in the mail.

While, before, your boss would only give you verbal reprimands, and now after a difficult discussion, you receive a letter with a detailed analysis, you should be alarmed. It is possible that the boss needs written confirmation of your mistakes.

What to do: At this stage, carefully study the information in the letter and think your behavior through to avoid the mistakes you used to make before.

Your boss checks on you too often.

Before, you only used to see the boss once a week, and now they are watching your performance all the time. This can’t be a good sign. Besides, you notice that your conversations get really tense.

What to do: Try to analyze the reason why this happens. Maybe, you can’t handle all the tasks you’ve been given? Evaluate your abilities honestly and think about applying for a different position if you’re not doing a good job.

Your boss is nitpicking.

It’s really alarming if you’re doing your job the way you used to, but now you’ve noticed that:

  • Your boss devalues your work (you finish a project on time, but even weeks later, it hasn’t been reviewed)
  • Your boss nitpicks
  • You lose your bonuses over the most minor things (and your colleagues don’t)

If there’s no objective explanation for this behavior, you might be in danger of losing your job.

What to do: Try talking to your boss openly: ask them what they think is wrong with your work and how you can fix it. If you see that the situation is not changing and only getting worse, consider looking for a new job.

Colleagues that are close to the boss have changed their attitude toward you.

Almost all bosses have a few employees that know a bit more than anyone else. If you notice some big changes in the behavior of this privileged group, this is not a good sign. If they stop inviting you to go to cafés with them and when you ask them to help you, they look reluctant to do anything for you, this can’t be a good sign.

What to do: Try talking to your colleagues to find out the reason why they behave this way. Maybe, you’re acting different and they are just jealous of you (maybe, you’re a candidate for promotion?)

You have a new colleague that has the same job as you.

You come to the office and realize that the company hired a new employee with the same duties as you. And they are way more competent than you are. It doesn’t make sense for a company to keep 2 employees with the same duties, so there’s a good chance they’re going to fire you.

What to do: Ask the management why they hired a new person. If they tell you that it’s your substitute, you can ask them to give you a different position.

You company management has changed.

Has the company owner changed, or was your boss demoted? It’s very likely that the entire team will have the same fate. Hiring new managers means the company has new plans, and you might not be part of them.

What to do: When the management changes, try to come up with a useful idea. If it’s supported, you’re safe.

You feel like something is off.

If your instincts are telling you that you might lose your job soon, don’t ignore them. Your subconscious may read the facial expressions and the body language of other people and know things before your conscious mind does.

What to do: Don’t panic, and don’t start sending your CV to everyone. Think about how professional you are, how in-demand your skills are, and what your relationship with the boss is. If one of these things is off, maybe you should talk to the boss about your concerns. No matter what the reply is, you will get much-needed feedback.

Have you ever had to quit? Did you feel that something was off before it happened?


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