19 Times Unusual Photobombs Ended up Creating a True Masterpiece

2 years ago

We often plan our photos very thoroughly, thinking that we’ll take a shot that’ll capture an amazing moment. However, sometimes things don’t go the way we want, and unforeseen events “ruin” our perfect picture. Although annoying at first, we may realize that it all worked out for the best when we see the final product.

Now I’ve Seen Everything compiled several photos that were meant to be very different from how they turned out after a photobomb.

1. “Found this old family photo with a cat photobomb. The dog tried too but, being a weiner dog, wasn’t quite up to the task, lol.”

2. “Bite of Seattle circa ‘93 or ‘94. Disposable camera. Before photobombing even had a name”

3. “My daughter at my mom’s wedding a couple of years ago”

4. “Wedding photo bomb!”

5. “This bird getting in my shot in Trafalgar Square”

6. “’Look at me’ -Bee”

7. “Taught my dog to pose and now he is photobombing all my attempts to take a pic. 😂😂😂”

8. “My cat photobombed this pic of my dog, and somehow she doesn’t even look real, lol.”

9. “My gf and I got photobombed by one clowny fish.”

10. When you try to photograph a rainbow, but the goat wants cookies.

11. “My son’s first photobomb/selfie”

12. “Can you spot the photobomber? 🤣💣🐱”

13. “Rudely photobombed while trying to take a pic of the Golden Gate Bridge”

14. “My first picture of the sun’s full disc was photobombed by a bird.”

15. “He’s always photobombing my listing photos.”

16. “The Noodle and the Photobomber”

17. “Fish photobombs pic of my friend”

18. “My friends got married. Did NOT know they were taking a photo in the window and photobombed the pic.”

19. “New Year’s photobomb!”

Do you have a photobomb the world needs to see?


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