15+ Times When the Apple Didn’t Fall Far From the Genetic Tree

2 years ago

Some people are dealt some powerful genes. So much so that their physical characteristics get copy-pasted to their kin — even to those who are multiple generations down the line. From kids transforming into mirror images of their parents after reaching a certain age, to individuals bearing an uncanny resemblance to their older relatives, there is no doubt that the genetic force is strong within certain families.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up 16 side-by-side photos of people who hit the DNA jackpot with their impressive genetic matches.

1. “My mom and sister, both at age 6”

2. “My old man and me at the same age, 35 years apart.”

3. “Never thought I looked much like my mom until I found her driver’s license from 1971.”

4. “My dad 1958... Me 1988.”

5. “Grandmother 1941 and granddaughter 1999, same genes.”

6. “Me on the left (circa the ’90s, Canada) and my grand-dad (circa the ’40s, Ireland).”

7. “Me, 1992. Mom, 1954.”

8. “Left is me, and right is my grandfather.”

9. “Here’s me and my fraternal twin.”

10. “My father, age 24 in 1951. And 24-year-old me.”

11. “My mother at age 21 (L) and me at age 27.”

12. “Me in 1971 and my son in 1994.”

13. “My brother (2016) and my grandfather (1948).”

14. “Mom on the left in 1989 aged 16, and me on the right in 2020 aged 18.”

15. “Side-by-side comparison of my identical twin and me.”

16. “My mom (left) age 4 in 1971. Me (right) age 4 in 2001. I see why people say we look alike.”

Who do you look most like in your family? Share a photo of someone you look like so that we can compare!

Preview photo credit Belgrifex / Reddit


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