20 Cats Who Decided to Invade the Homes and Hearts of Their Neighbors

2 years ago

Cats basically do whatever they want, whenever and wherever they choose to. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly find a random feline making itself at home inside your space. From kitties that decided to make other people’s legs their personal beds to cats breaking in and taking over the neighbor’s furniture, these cute little furballs can get away with anything.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up photos shared by internet users that prove that cats rule the neighborhood, and they can easily capture our hearts too.

1. “Notmycat asking to be let out. And ismycat wanting to be let in.”

2. “My husband lied down on our patio after our walk. This little dude just made himself at home. Not our cat. Sure is a sweetie, though!”

3. “It is my hammock. It is not my cat.”

4. “You warm and comfy there, mate? My fireplace, not my cat. (Secretly very stoked for the company though.)”

5. “My failed attempts at trying to get notmycat out of my car”

6. “Notmycat breaks into my house through the upstairs window. This is her favorite spot.”

7. “Met notmycat in our new garden. I wish it came with the house!”

8. “This is my neighbor’s cat. He meowed at the front door until I let him in, then he ran inside, took a huge dump in MY cat’s litter tray, and then ran straight out. Absolute power move.”

9. “This is my office. We don’t have a cat.”

10. “Two freeloader cats that come by every day, just to get scratches and occupy my seats”

11. “Walked in like he owned the place while van camping.”

12. “Came out of my room this afternoon to find a visitor roaming the house. This is, in fact, not my cat.”

13. “Every time I step outside to enjoy my coffee, this little beauty comes to hang out. Not my cat but definitely my buddy. 😻💜”

14. “Heartbroken I couldn’t bring my cat with me to England. First day there, this guy lets himself into my house.❤️”

15. “Notmycat waltzed into my house, plunked herself into an old Amazon box, went into labor, and birthed a tiny version of herself.”

16. “I hear noises coming from my car, look over, and see this. Not my cat.”

17. “I call him Prince Harry. Don’t know if he has an owner. He likes to come to visit at night and grab a snack. We had a breakthrough last night.”

18. “He just wandered into my apartment like it was his place and decided to take a nap on my bed.”

19. “Got up to pee and thought I was hallucinating. I live on the third floor and there are no balconies, just windows and the roof.”

20. “My new neighbor has a clown cat that tries to break into my house.”

Have you ever been visited by a pet that was not your own? What was the experience like?

Preview photo credit klburg / Reddit


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