20 Clingy Pets That Will Convince You to Cuddle With Them

2 years ago

Physical contact makes our furry friends feel pleasure because of the happy hormones it triggers inside the body. That’s why they always try to snuggle their way into our arms, or why we often catch them squished up against their fellow animals. And there’s something about seeing them all curled up that makes us feel warm inside, which just makes it harder for us to resist when they ask for cuddles.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 20 pictures of adorably needy pets that deserve all the hugs and kisses in the world.

1. “Tell me your bulldog is clingy without telling me your bulldog is clingy.”

2. “She loves cuddling with her friend.”

3. “My dad kept griping, ’I don’t want a dog!’ Yet this is how I find them napping...”

4. “Our clinic cat has been a little needy after his dental surgery.”

5. “Well, this is new and slightly uncomfortable.”

6. “2 months in and kitten has decided that big dog’s not so bad.”

7. “She always climbs up behind people on chairs and hugs them.”

8. “My cat sits here every time I use my laptop.”

9. “Bandit latches on to his sister, Mika.”

10. “According to Lily, I make a good pillow.”

11. “Less study, more pets, please!”

12. “My dog hugging his dog.”

13. “This is how Arthur lets me know it’s time for bed.”

14. “She only likes to play when legs are involved.”

15. “Forbidden love, for this is not my dog...”

16. Our fuzzy friends need another fuzzy friend too.

17. Working from home must be really hard.

18. “Adopted sister loves her older brothers!”

19. “Does anyone else’s Australian cattle dog always have to have a stuffed animal with them?”

20. “Reluctantly agreed to get a dog after years of pressure from the wife and kids... this is my life now.”

Does your pet become clingy or extra needy sometimes? Or do they require being hugged by someone or something at all times? Please share your stories with us.

Preview photo credit dogmom050502 / reddit


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