20+ Coincidences That Are So Random They Could Have Been a Glitch in the Matrix

2 years ago

There’s always the mom who, when faced with unusual coincidences in the movies, exclaims loudly: “This has to be a movie!” If we are honest, we have become accustomed to thinking that these suspiciously opportune situations can only occur in fiction. However, sometimes life can prove us wrong by showing us, with small details, how it get very creative with our experiences.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we have compiled several moments in which their protagonists had to take pictures to prove that they did happen.

1. “People at the party thought we ’looked like Twilight’.”

2. “My friend found himself on a bag of chips.”

3. “This broken rock that looks a little bit like an avocado”

4. “This damselfly has the same color pattern as my swim shorts.”

5. “This water bottle created the mountain that advertises it.”

6. “I was at this football game at Arkansas State University. Are these not the same person? The world glitched.”

7. “A group of black cats out in the wild”

8. “I saw a lenticular cloud over a cumulus cloud that made it look like a helicopter.”

9. “He got the perfect gift”

10. “Glitch in the Matrix, Oxford UK”

11. “The way this sky at sunset is split in half”

12. “This cheese blends in with my countertops”

13. “This moth picked the perfect urban camouflage.”

14. “Took this picture going 112kph and everything in the rearview mirror matches the landscape of the foreground.”

15. “My nails match my gum.”

16. “My nail polish and highlighter match”

17. “My old phone case matched the table at a restaurant.”

18. “Little brother ran into himself from the future”

19. “We found a stray dog and he mostly matches our carpet.”

20. “These cupcake papers match my sister.”

21. “This grasshopper/locust and it’s oddly specific colour matching the concrete.”

What is the strangest coincidence you have ever stumbled upon in your life?

Preview photo credit chimesy / reddit, YukaHiKn / Reddit


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