15 Times Reality Exceeded People’s Expectations and Surprised Them

2 years ago

When it comes to advertising, photoshop is an essential tool in creating images that will sell a product. Thankfully, in many occasions lying to customers or leading them on isn’t necessary. And that’s simply because the images used are exactly what the product is about.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 15 pictures as proof that not all expectations are better than reality and sometimes reality is equally good.

1. “This chipwhich”

2. “My wife was blown away with her cake, reality (right) was better than the expectation.”

3. “My interpretation vs my artist’s interpretation”

4. “Very close, indeed.”

5. “Got mehndi/henna done. Personally think the reality turned out better than the expectation/reference pic.”

6. “My wife’s loaf of bread came out exactly as pictured.”

7. “An otterly impressive birthday cake from my mom.”

8. “I wasn’t actually expecting that.”

9. “Hard to expect TOO MUCH from a gluten-free and dairy-free pizza, but this looks quite all right.”

10. “Family friend took a single floral class, so I asked her to make my wedding bouquet.”

11. “Expectations met and exceeded!”

12. It’s amazing how the sides don’t bend.

13. “What I asked for on the left, and what I got on the right — the bakery did an amazing job.”

14. “Commissioned an artist to paint my dog. Thrilled at the result!”

15. “Holiday nails — pretty close!”

Have you ever been surprised in such a pleasant way when you expected a fail or half good of a result?

Preview photo credit ItzGonnaBeMei / reddit


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