20 Confident Women Who Take Pride in Their Body Hair

year ago

There is nothing unnatural or shameful about body hair, and some women have decided to throw away the razor once and for all. And by doing so they are saving a ton of time, money and pain. But most of all, these confident ladies are proving that women should be free of beauty standards and trends that dictate our life.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share the beautiful photos of women who made their own choice and decided to show to the world that body hair is a beautiful thing.

1. ’’Being hairy can be attractive too.’’

2. “Razors can hit the road.”

3. Feeling and looking good

4. “I kept all the things I enjoyed about being a ‘girly girl’ (makeup, high heels, manicures) and ditched the things I didn’t (RAZORS!!!)”

5. “Razor free since October and loving it!”

6. “My summer superpower. I glow under the sun thanks to this bright blond fur.”

7. ’’Armpit hair looks good.’’

8. “There is NOTHING wrong with your natural body.”

9. “The hairy life is better.”

10. “I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to wear this dress outside.”

11. “Razor free since 7/2020... so free.”

12. “When I realized at 20 that I had never seen my body in its natural state, I was aghast.”

13. “Natural light, natural body.”

14. “I wear my body hair with pride when I’m in public.”

15. “Feeling very beautiful with my armpit hair.”

16. “Dresses complement my leg hair beautifully.”

17. ’’Natural just feels best.’’

18. “Before I felt sorry when I went out to the street, now I really feel pretty being hairy.”

19. “Don’t be normal, be you!”

“I had to make a change & am so glad I did.”

20. ’’I love being unshaved. Freedom!’’

Do you remove your body hair? How do you like your body more, with or without hair?


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