20+ Individuals Who Master Makeup So Brilliantly That No Filters Are Needed

6 months ago

Whether it’s about boosting self-confidence or indulging in a soul-nurturing hobby, makeup has the magical ability to transform individuals into someone entirely new. Our featured personalities today are well aware of this, generously sharing their makeup application skills.

“I got my mom some makeup for her birthday and finally got the chance to put it on her and show her how to use everything!”

“Before and after covering red acne prone skin.”

We have never seen such a drastic makeup change.

Not much is needed to look gorgeous.

“I did makeup for my friend. I was kinda worried that I made her eyebrows uneven-looking, even though I followed the natural shape of her eyebrows and tried to make them look even.”

“Makeup always looks the best when you have nowhere to go.”

“With and without makeup: I tried to make my freckles less visible, but still natural-looking.”

“Ready for a date with myself”

“I gave my mother a makeover!”

“I’ve finally found something to hide my under-eye bags.”

“Was going for the most traditional Hollywood glam look I could get.”

It looks like this guy mastered the art of makeup without makeup.

“I’m practicing doing my own makeup for my wedding in April. My goal is to still look like myself and keep it pretty natural.”

“My daily rushed ’Baby is taking a 10-minute micro-nap’ face”

“The night before my wedding my little sister got an eyebrow wax, and they caused a HUGE burn on her face. Luckily, I had the most AMAZING makeup artist swoop in and save the day!”

“My mom doesn’t do makeup. Today, I did makeup for her and she was shocked by how much she changed.”

“Grunge-inspired smokey eye and cool lip”

“I tried for a fresh, summery look.”

“I have cystic acne, but someone told me my skin looked beautiful today.”

“A year ago I asked for your help hiding a scar on my face. Now I have a 10 minute routine every day and it’s barely noticeable”

“First picture is how my friends’ wedding makeup artists did me. Second picture is after I went home and fixed what I could.”

Enhancing oneself with makeup is cool, but it’s essential to appreciate your natural beauty and embrace your authentic self. We can learn this valuable lesson from these stars, who proudly showcase photos without makeup and filters.

Preview photo credit SchwiftyEmmmmy / Reddit


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