20 Lucky Ones Who Narrowly Cheated Death

6 months ago

Each of us experiences good and bad days, but sometimes there are events that make us believe that luck is truly on our side. Our heroes today will show you how they outsmarted fate and emerged unscathed from dangerous and unpleasant situations.

“My girlfriend’s hair standing on end during a recent thunderstorm. ”

“It was only later we found out this presaged an imminent lightning strike and we should have treated the situation more seriously.”

“Thank God I noticed that.”

Ax of faith

Somebody didn’t secure their ax properly.

By a hair

This driver should go buy like a hundred lottery tickets today.

Hot kitty

Dangers of having a pitch black cat.

Always wear safety goggles

Safety glasses saved this guy’s eye from an exploding angle grinder disc.

Mud slide aftermath

“There was a mud slide just north of my town and this Caltrans truck driver had a very close call. To the left is the Pacific Ocean.”

Not deadly, but unpleasant

“Had a close call tonight, these just look too similar.”

Nail to nail

“Two 16 gauge wood framing nails shot into the space in between my kneecap and femur! Pay close attention neither nail touched ANY bone. If you look close enough you can see where one nail barely scraped some cartilage off of my femur.”

Perfectly shaped

Falling trees can be unpredictable, but this one fell in such a perfect and weird way.

“Well, that was close.”

Less than an inch

When you live in places with strong winds, you can only pray that falling trees spare your car.

Close call

Boulder nearly takes out an Italian farm house.

Saved by the ring

"I work in lumber and had a customer shift a pile of 4"x4"x12’s that my hand was next to. One came tumbling down right on to my fingers. I heard a snap and thought my finger had lost the will to remain unbroken, turns out my tungsten carbide ring caught the full force, broke, but didn’t bend and potentially saved me a really chewed up finger. I’d rather replace a ring than a finger any day!"

Nifty gadget

Cell phone saved workers leg from chainsaw.

Sometimes you gotta go late

“Being late to work saved my life. If I’d left home 2 seconds earlier, this car would have fallen on top of my head!”

Blizzardly saved

“I feared the worst when this tree toppled over in the direction of my car. But when the snow was cleared away I realized how incredibly lucky I was.”

“Well, that was a close call.”

“We almost had a very bad day today.”

“I got lucky that I noticed before I started brushing.”

Perhaps each of us has their own limit of luck. For these individuals, it was certainly pushed to the edge, and the proof lies in the photos they shared.

Preview photo credit daveyk95 / Reddit


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