20+ Neighbors Brimming With Good Humor That We’d Love to Run Into Every Morning

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2 years ago

When we get around to swapping stories about neighbors, it’s clear that many of us have experienced firsthand situations that left a bad taste in our mouths and made us wish that the people living around our home would move far away, preferably to Mars. But we’ve probably also experienced some funny, brag-worthy stuff too.

Since we’re on the “cool neighbors” team, we at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to shine a light on those stories whose protagonists were creative and a little crazy. We would definitely consider moving into their neighborhood.

1. “When you get over 10 inches of snow but your lovely neighbor offers to help with the sidewalk”

2. “My neighbors’ ’bills mailbox’”

3. An ingenious solution for ringing the doorbell if the doorbell doesn’t work

4. Neighbors who love neighborhood dogs and their owners

5. “The neighbors have a problem with pigeons. 🤷🏻‍♀️”

6. “Apparently I have some creative neighbors.”

7. “Met my new neighbor’s cat and found out why my plant was looking flat.”

8. “My neighbor’s trash bin”

9. “When your neighbor calls you urgently to help him because his wife is not at home”

10. “So after I bought this house, I was informed that my neighbors do it big for Christmas. I spent a lot of money already buying a new tree and all the decorations for the inside, so I talked to my neighbor and we came up with the perfect solution. I promise I’m not really a grinch!!”

11. “An elderly neighbor of mine is throwing a birthday party for his dog.”

12. “Found this on my neighbors’ lawn”

13. “Neighbor got another cat...”

14. “My neighbor helping others learn from their mistake”

15. “My neighbor doesn’t want people to park in their space, so he built a ramp.”

16. “Saw this in my neighbors’ yard.”

17. “Just transferred to a new apartment...with some interesting neighbors.”

18. Neighbors who reuse and recycle to the extreme

19. “Looks like my neighbors opened the gates of hell.”

20. “So my neighbor is drying their kid’s overalls, I almost died when I walked past this.”

21. “The neighbor’s kids decorated their condo door. Makes my day coming out of my unit and seeing this.”

22. “My neighbor has this in his garage and I don’t know why. I’m scared.”

23. “The neighbors’ mailbox”

What unforgettable anecdote can you tell us about living with your neighbors?


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