20 People Who Ditched Hair Straighteners for Their Natural, Bouncy Curls

2 years ago

When we have curly hair, we want to straighten it; and when our hair is straight, we long for shiny ringlets — if this sounds familiar, you will love this article. Years of using harmful products and straighteners can take a toll on our hair. People across the world have shared the impressive transformations their manes have gone through to reach their highest potential.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we love all types of locks: curly, straight, wavy — as long as people are happy with embracing their natural hair. Make sure to read the bonus section to see how to care for your curls in a few easy steps.

1. “4-year transformation: all from learning how to take care of my curls”

2. “Freshly showered and dry after using my microfiber towel and curly hair method! I never knew my natural curl pattern was like this!”

3. Natural hair to show your natural self

4. “I ditched heat, sulfates, and cones. Your hair will probably fight you... but trust me — it’s worth it.”

5. “Back when I used to straighten my hair every day vs now”

6. “Decent day-4 hair!”

7. “My curls have never been prettier.”

8. “I hid my curls my whole life. Now I embrace them!”

“I wish I had known how to take care of my hair years ago... I went from lifeless, weighed down, dead hair that desperately needed a trim to bouncy healthy curls! All it took was the right products, a trim, and learning how to use a diffuser!”

9. “Chopped off my hair and haven’t looked back since.”

10. “First good curl day in a long friggin’ time!”

11. “Today is my 3-year anniversary of being more relaxed and heat-free.”

“Let us rejoice at the difference and how good it feels to love your hair the way it grows out of your head!”

12. “Before and after using the Curly Girl Method for 3 months”

13. “2018 and now, both no straightening tool nor perm. The difference is just the daily routine.”

14. “Wore my natural hair for a job interview for the first time!”

15. “So happy I decided to go natural for my wedding back in June!”

16. “The magic of curly hair methods and products!”

17. A fierce look to match those fierce curls!

“I would never post photos of a meh hair day, of which I have many. I used to be really insecure about my hair because I was like, why doesn’t it look like people’s photos online?? Until I realized that people pretty much only post photos of their best hair days 😆 The good days come more frequently, though, when you learn what your hair likes!”

18. “Progress picture: 1 year”

19. “I tried the ’medusa’ for sleeping. Really lives up to the name.”

20. “July 2019 vs September 2020 — natural hair”

Bonus: a curly hair method in easy steps for beginners

  1. Cleanse: Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair and massage your scalp before you rinse.
  2. Condition: Apply some conditioner to the palm of your hand and slide your hands down your hair while smoothing it in sections. Make sure that you don’t rinse out all of the conditioner.
  3. Style: Scrunch a palmful of gel from roots to ends.
  4. Dry: Blot-dry your hair using a cotton towel or T-shirt.

Don’ts: Try to avoid shampoos that contain sulfates as well as appliances that need heat to style your hair, such as blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons. Also, say goodbye to combs and brushes.

Are you ready to hop on the curly hair movement? Feel free to show us pics of what your curly hair looks like — and remember, “bad hair days” are over!

Preview photo credit capslockramen / reddit


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