20 People Who Proved That Awkward Phases Don’t Last Forever

2 years ago

One scientist described adolescence as the “perfect storm,” because it is when all of these changes are going through the teen’s body. But after the storm comes the “rainbow,” or the part where young adults now have a better grasp of their personalities and physiques. Also by this time, the physical changes are kicking in and it’s amazing how drastic some transformations can be.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 20 then and now photos of self-confessed “ugly ducklings,” who are now definitely a long way from their awkward phase.

1. “What a 10-year difference can do.”

2. “27 to 37, getting older isn’t so bad!”

3. “When only your ears look the same! I’m 9 on the left and 21 on the right.”

4. “Age 9 on the left vs 21 on the right — by the way, I requested this hairstyle myself.”

5. This is the perfect reason why you don’t make fun of girls in the awkward middle and high school stage.

6. “Age 10 to 18! Thank goodness for braces — my teeth are straight now, I swear.”

7. “I guess you could say I’ve changed a bit since 12 years old. I’m now 25 and can still laugh at my tiny brass knuckles necklace.”

8. “Still have no idea how this happened.”

9. “From 13 to 21”

10. “Same backyard, same camera, but a genuine smile, age 12 to 21.”

11. “15 years old and 22 years old — love and a decent hairstyle go a long way.”

12. “I’m 14 in the left pic and 36 in the right.”

13. “15 to 30 — I lost weight, got better eyebrows, and only the smirk remained the same.”

14. “About a decade apart, from 13 to 22 years old”

15. “Left picture at 19, the second one at 23 — farewell to 4+ years of depression and excess weight!”

16. “11 to 20 — I learned to straighten my hair, apply makeup, and removed a couple of moles.”

17. 12 years old vs 25, oh my!

18. “From age 8 to 24, believe it or not, I never had braces.”

19. “My former bullies have asked me out, not even realizing we went to the same school for 4 years!”

20. “From 11 to 29 years old. Featuring the visor I wore every day of 6th grade.”

“A change from what looks like a ’teenage boy’ to very pretty young lady! Well done.” — © 5krunner / Reddit

Have you changed a lot since your teenage years? Or maybe you know someone who went through such drastic transformations?


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