20+ People Who Were Lucky Enough to Make Cool Vintage Finds

5 months ago

Discover the magic within the nooks and crannies of vintage dressers, attics, and mezzanines. It’s in these hidden corners that genuine family treasures reveal themselves, appearing as if they had been lost in the mists of time, only to resurface in a heartbeat. Once-overlooked items come alive with vitality and significance when embraced by someone with eyes that sparkle with passion.

“This 1959 Dostojevskij book has never been read. There was a time where you had to put open the pages.”

“What is this thing? Found these small circular things sewn into the ruffles of a vintage 1970s dress while I was cleaning it. ”

“A 1920s Uranium necklace. It glows a bright, almost opaque green when placed under UV light.”

“My unique engagement ring, it was my late grandmother’s. It’s called a floral cluster setting, and it was a trend in engagement rings in the 1960s.”

“I inherited this gorgeous table from my partner’s wealthy grandmother.”

“Vintage Elgin Pocket Watch from the late 1800s. It was passed down in the family for 4 generations.”

“My friend found a turquoise collection from her grandma and sold it to me. These have sat in a basement for the last 40+ years.”

“Family heirloom. My grandfather’s watch. Mum says he treasured it.”

“101 years old and going strong... There’s nothing like a vintage fountain pen.”

“My mum bought these earrings when she was 13 about 60 years ago.”

“This dress is literally in perfect condition after almost 50 years.”

“My grandma has owned these glasses for 36 years. Turns out that they are unsolid gold with ruby.”

“My 1970s dress collection thus far!”

“About 10 of 100+ Oriya Script Palm Leaf Manuscripts in my library.”

“Added a vintage fridge to our kitchen to complete the look.”

“Mom just gave me a family heirloom... a flask from the 1800s.”

“My grandpa’s collection of the first edition hard cover Harry Potter books. Worth well over $100,000.”

“The other vintage guitar in my family. Dad’s 1969 Gibson SG”

“My grandpa’s razor I inherited, used to shave with him (without razor in) when little. 1940’s gold plated double edge blade.”

“This vintage couch feels like it was made for our living room.”

“Unearthed my grandmother’s perfume bottle collection. These are stunning.”

“Handed down to my mother from her grandmother, we have no idea what it’s for! Help us!”

These people were also fortunate enough to make discoveries from the past. However, they themselves didn’t fully grasp what they found, so they turned to the internet for help.

Preview photo credit qwerty1112233 / Reddit


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