20+ People Whose Photos Could be Right Next to the Word “Love” in the Dictionary

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Sometimes, saying the words “I love you” might seem like a difficult task, and even if we might feel it, we can’t always say it out loud. Luckily, there are unlimited ways to show people how much you love them, like by letting your girlfriend paint your nails or giving an Eskimo kiss under a beautiful sunset — and these are just a few of them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything came across some really heartwarming pictures that might be just what you need right now, so keep scrolling and indulge in all the loveliness.

1. “The girlfriend wanted to paint my nails. I’m happy if she’s happy.”

2. “My father has had Alzheimer’s since ’08. Today he smiled at me.”

3. “First tattoo — decided to get my favorite picture with my son.”

4. “My girls opened up a salon.”

5. “My girlfriend stitched our dogs overnight as a surprise for me.”

6. “Shaved my head in memory of my mother who I lost to cancer.”

7. “After 24 years in the closet, I came out to my mom. She was thrilled.”

8. “My 83-year-old grandma holding a portrait I’ve drawn for her based on a photo from her wedding back in 1961”

9. “They hadn’t seen each other since daycare closed, so their parents arranged a playdate. This is what happened when it was time to leave.”

10. “My husband working on his master’s degree while holding one of our twin boys”

11. “My grandma made a cross-stitch from a photo of me, circa 1987.”

12. “My daughter fell asleep on me and the cat nestled into my arm. Looks like I’m stuck here for a while.”

13. “My single dad was the best mother I ever had.”

14. “My sister-in-law walking with my mom, 92, at our family reunion. It’s pretty neat to have another woman love your mom like you do.”

15. “I officially have custody of my 2 tiny monsters! Haven’t been this happy in forever.”

16. “My buddy cosplaying Jasmine and the Genie with his daughter”

17. “I reunited with my sister 20 years after we were adopted by 2 different families.”

18. “My 9-year-old sister gave my grandfather some flowers, and he’s very happy.”

19. “This is how my baby girl watches TV with me!”

20. “My father-in-law’s reaction to seeing my wife on our wedding day”

21. “My 101-year-old grandfather threw a one-hundredth birthday party for his best friend, Bob.”

22. “My son and husband ’camping’ in our backyard — it was Luke’s first time sleeping in a tent.”

Do you agree that sometimes actions speak louder than words? How do you say “I love you” without really saying it?

Preview photo credit jfine69 / Reddit


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