20 Pets That Were Born Again After Being Rescued

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Animal abandonment is a worldwide problem. The work being done by shelters and rescuers is admirable. Luckily, there are many people who know how to open their homes and hearts to these furry friends and give them the opportunity to live with a family and experience love.

Now I’ve Seen Everything applauds these actions, so we bring you the before and after of pets that were rescued from an uncertain future.

1. “Maya one year after adoption. From severely underweight to one happy pupperoni”

2. “Left and right, before and after”

3. “She’s a survivor.”

4. “Our boy 7 years ago, when he was rescued”

5. “Siouxsie before and after adoption, almost 4 months apart”

6. “Willow’s transformation”

7. “My foster dog, the day he was rescued from animal hoarders and today”

8. “Lopen before and after”

9. “Coco came to us skin and bones. Fast forward a few months and she’s a happy, healthy pup with a forever home to boot!”

10. “Rudy, shy and sad the day we met at the Oregon humane society. He is an awesome sweet loving dog now :)”

11. “The transformation of Beanies!”

12. “Rescued my Lilly girl 3 years ago.”

13. “GooGoo at the shelter and one month after adoption”

14. “This is Luna! Found her on a bike trail one day.”

15. How happy does this doggo look?

16. “First image we got of her, first night home!!”

17. “My pride and joy”

18. “This poor 10 y/o little man took a year to go from brutalized to healthy and active.”

19. “My baby boy, Tom. The day I found him and now, 18 months later. He’s grown into a very handsome boy!”

20. His face says it all.

Do you have a rescued pet? Can you tell us about their changes since you adopted them until today? We’d love to see them!

Preview photo credit animallover42069 / Reddit


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