20 Photos of Pets That Can Outshine Any Horror Movie

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Making their owners gush is an ability every pet has from birth. But everything has a reverse side and, in some cases, a fluffy cute animal can look like a character from a horror movie in photos. The good thing is that instead of starting to panic, pet owners can grab their cameras and please the Internet with funny photos.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything believe that all animals are wonderful. And if it can’t be spotted in a photo (because of bad lighting or the wrong angle), it’s just a bad-moment capture. After all, people don’t always appear perfect in photos — the pets from our compilation met the same destiny.

1. “He has discovered his superpower of staring at us through the ’wall portal.’”

2. “Caught my cat yawning while tilting her head. Confirmed Eldritch horror.”

3. “I don’t know why he does this...”

4. Owning a hairless cat occasionally results in nightmare material.

5. “I took a picture of our dog mid-yawn.”

6. It seems this cat doesn’t mind buying your soul.

7. “We bought T-Rex arms for our chickens.”

8. “Everybody get down, he’s got a knife!”

9. If Dracula was a cat

10. Do you also see a scary face?

11. “I caught my mom’s dog playing in her curtains and thought it would take a cute picture. The result was nightmare fuel.”

12. “Jackson smiling is kind of terrifying.”

13. “My youngest likes to give me mini-heart attacks. She hides in the office and gives me the death stare. She’s super sweet but looks deadly. I love her.”

14. “I caught a yawn.”

15. “I feel like I just interrupted a meeting for little demons.”

16. “Went to yawn and accidentally summoned Venom.”

17. Mid-sneeze demon

18. “He’s been sitting like this for 30 minutes — I think I need to restart him.”

19. “The neighbor dog came over for a play date.”

20. “My dogs share a mouth sometimes.”

Any pet owner knows for sure what to pay attention to when buying a new phone — it’s important that the camera has a good amount of memory, otherwise, the new device won’t fit in all the pics of their cat or dog. We at Now I’ve Seen Everything are sure your phone is also full of pics demonstrating the dark side of your pet, just sitting there, waiting to be shown to the entire world. We at the editorial department are curious too. We’ll be waiting for your photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit BeanzMeanzBranston / Reddit


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