20+ Pics That Are More Mysterious Than a Surreal Film

year ago

Even though our brain tries to rationalize every thing we see, some things, however, are better left with no explanations. Because our Universe hides some mysteries that can’t be justified by science or logic. And this is what makes life so fun after all. Since we are always reminded that anything can happen at any moment and that there is always a chance for us to be amazed.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a big fan of sights that are totally one of a kind. We gathered a collection of pics that will make you want to rub your eyes in disbelief.

1. ’’Off-center pupil I’ve had since birth.’’

2. “Anonychia is the partial or total absence of one or more nails on the fingers or toes.”

3. ’’Yellow socks in transparent boots.’’

4. “These urinals let you look out to the street. The windows aren’t tinted at all, so you can also see in.”

5. “Little lady next to a giant dog.”

6. “I went into my office the other day and found a lizard basking on the warm Ethernet box.”

“The next day, I found a different lizard in roughly the same spot.”

7. “My ice cream spoon that’s shaped like a shovel.”

8. “Lightning striking a tree”

9. “Tomato rainbow”

10. “This pic I took of a vine growing up a palm tree.”

11. “The Egyptian Octagon, as seen from an airplane”

12. ’’My friend’s cat has a mustache.’’

13. That’s how your tomatoes get ruined.

14. “The way a storm bent the overgrown grass in my friend’s yard.”

15. “This heirloom tomato slice looks like a brain scan.”

16. “At my local Fresh Field.”

17. “A design that lets you flush less water if you want”

18. “These upside-down charger sockets on a train table that prevent cable damage”

19. “This bicolor tree”

20. “The image created when holding a cube prism over a rainbow already created by another prism.”

21. ’’My friend’s dad grew this perfect ’Limon’.’’

How do you feel about the images shown above? Did any of them make you go “wow”?

Preview photo credit froggysaysno / Reddit


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