14 Beauty Salon Fails That Will Break Every Women’s Heart

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We all love a good makeover, and it’s gone as far as being a popular movie trope that we can see in romcoms and movies for teenagers. These Cinderella-style transformations are very fun to look at, and sooner or later we start to wonder if such changes are possible in real life. But since there’s no fairy to help us out, we go to a beauty salon, where things might not turn out the way we’d hoped.

1. “Manicure before my wedding. The first set almost had me Bridezillaing, but TBH I just cried a bit in my car.”

2. “No wonder the hairdresser didn’t show me what it looked like from the back...”

3. “I got my nails done last week. They are so bad, I have to laugh.”

4. “My best friend got this makeup done today.”

5. “Are acrylics supposed to be this bent out? Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like these are really angled.”

6. “I paid $200, they didn’t refund me, and they said they did it perfectly.”

7. “I tried powder brows. I think the pigment hasn’t taken.”

8. “I’m gonna cry.”

9. “This was my bridal trial. That eyeliner!”

10. “He claims he went to the barber and asked him to ’do whatever he wanted’ to his hair.”

11. “I paid $75 by a nail tech for these!”

12. “I got my eyebrows microbladed 5 weeks ago, and these are now fully healed. I hate them so much.”

13. “Yesterday, I paid $25 for a haircut before I started my new job. Today, I had to get a pre-employment screening...”

14. “The sad wedding makeup that I paid $50 for.”

Have you ever had situations in your life when you wanted to change something about your look but failed? Maybe you have some photos you can share!

Preview photo credit https_vi / Reddit, Pokyo / Reddit


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