20 Puzzling Pics That Will Give Your Brain a Little Workout

2 years ago

Most of us have encountered coincidences at some point in our lives. And it’s always a pleasant surprise to catch a seeming connection between random events. But some coincidences result into strange and impossible scenes, which can be a bit challenging to understand.

Now I’ve Seen Everything put together a collection of accidental photos that will play tricks on your mind and make it work just a wee bit harder to realize what’s going on.

1. “How does this work?”

2. “My windscreen froze, and it looks like there’re three people in a boat inside an ice cave.”

3. “I boiled my apples to remove store added wax, and it made my apples bleed its natural wax.”

4. “This caterpillar cocooning on the beak of a cast iron bird statue”

5. “Looks like my pups traded eyeballs.”

6. “The way the sunlight hit this glass jar made it look like a fairy was trapped inside it.”

7. “The wire almost perfectly traces the mountains in the background.”

8. “Woke up from my nap and the time matched the step counter.”

9. “Found my laundry in the washing machine exactly like this...”

10. “The weird shadow situation in my kitchen”

11. “La Croix froze mid explosion in the back of our refrigerator.”

12. “Floating cat? Or cat on a floating shelf?”

13. “Breakfast shake powder, or cracked desert floor?”

14. “My baby son’s toy chameleon has adjusted itself to our rug.”

15. “Yin and yang in my teacup”

16. “Well, the grass is always greener on the other side.”

17. “Difference in water making this boat look as if it’s hovering”

18. “One head in, one head out. Cat complete”

19. “My debit card blends into this old cabinet.”

20. “I made an ice cave on the hood of my truck.”

What moments have made you go “You wouldn’t believe this, but...”? Share your stories and photos in the comments.


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