20 Times People Were Served a Plate of Deception from Ads

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When it comes to online shopping, there are countless fake stores that look very legitimate but only want to rip people off. The usual warning signs are their super low prices and missing policies and detailed shipping details. But, it’s not just online shopping that can be deceiving, but also products you get at your local stores. Their images are usually so perfect that they don’t always comply with the product inside the package.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is still laughing after seeing these 20 ad fails that tricked people into expecting something different from reality.

1. Are they really brownies?

2. When you’re craving the new taco from Burger King:

3. Seller pics versus reviewer pics on Wish

4. When you buy a cheese pizza and you just get the bread:

5. “Be sure to always check the size when ordering treats!”

6. “Expectation vs Reality, after a 6-month backorder from West Elm”

7. “My targeted Facebook ad purchase was a real let down.”

8. “Ice cream cake”

9. Almost the same...

10. “My wife ordered this cactus cat scratcher and 2 months later she received just a bag of rope with no instructions, no wood, and not even a packing slip.”

11. “Well, I tried.”

12. “Was pretty annoyed that I paid $110 for this.”

13. “These pancakes at my hotel this morning.”

14. The cookie of our nightmares

15. “Girlfriend panicked ordered 16 pack TP online, 8 weeks later it arrives.”

16. “I expected at least some Oreos...”

17. When burritos turn out to be just tortilla:

18. The strawberries are non-existent.

19. Not a single broccoli head

20. “My husband ordered this for our daughter who loves The Labyrinth.”

What has been the most recent disappointment you’ve had after you bought something and it turned out very different from what you thought it would be?

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