20+ Vintage Items That Prove Quality Was Not an Empty Word Back in the Day

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Today’s generation has gotten used to buying new items because their service period lasts for as long as the warranty does. Our parents and grandparents, in their turn, are used to the fact that a thing can last a long time and even assist their kids and possibly grandkids down the line.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything often ditch burnt kettles, leaking boots, and frying pans that food has started to stick to. That’s why we enviously look at people who use the same items for decades without them ever breaking.

1. This film camera from the ’60s is still going strong, and here are some examples of the pictures it takes.

2. Shoes in perfect condition from 1952 or 1962

3. “A tea kettle, age unknown, at least 75 years — it’s still used every day.”

  • I know it won’t get wrecked from the flames, but that does not register in my mind at all, it’s like a cursed image. © bravelion96 / Reddit

4. “An Oxford bookbag from 1880 or so. It has been used and enjoyed by my grandpa, mom, uncle, aunt, and myself, and it’s still durable.”

5. “A waffle iron from the 1920s that still working flawlessly”

6. “The world’s greatest pencil sharpener, circa 1920”

7. “A flask that’s dated back to 1884 — it seems to be in perfect condition inside.”

8. “This over 117-year-old coffee grinder from Peugeot (yes, the car maker)”

9. “About 80 years old — a hand-me-down cast iron skillet, used daily”

10. “The train my grandpa bought in 1952 — I’m the third generation to run it during the Christmas season.”

11. “Here’s my 1962 Swingline stapler that I still use.”

12. “I write with a Waterman 52 pen that’s 97 years old.”

13. “I bought this 1940s KitchenAid mixer for $5 at a resale shop. I’ve used it 3-4 times a week for 7 years. I’ve also dropped the bowl twice from counter height and it has never even chipped.”

14. A Le Creuset set purchased in 1977

15. “My Emerson table fan has been going strong for over 70 years.”

16. “Here’s my still-working 1939 German hair dryer”

17. “Linen pants my mom bought in 1978 — I still wear them on a weekly basis!”

18. “Almost 25 years old and countless miles, worn in aggressive environments (sea water and sand)”

19. “My mom and dad got matching North Face down jackets after their wedding 35 years ago. They’re still being worn today.”

20. “My great-great-grandfather’s wallet, also worn by my dad and still in daily use by me”

21. “My daily Gillette shaver, circa 1920”

22. “Our Singer sewing machine is 100 years old and works perfectly.”

23. “I use it every day, and it works better than any stove I have ever owned. Only 90 years old — I guess the company was well-named: Reliable.”

24. “My toaster, circa 1930s”

25. This pocketwatch from the 1880s was made in Istanbul and still ticks perfectly. It doesn’t even require service."

26. “A vacuum cleaner from 1969 — my grandparents still use it to this day because it still works perfectly.”

27. “My grandmother bought this 57 years ago. We still cook in it every day. I understand the steel being perfect but have no idea how the plastic handles have survived.”

Do you think people used to produce more high-quality items back in the day, or are the characters of our compilation simply lucky?

Preview photo credit 69_queefs_per_sec / Reddit


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