21 People Who Got Past Their Awkward Phase and Are Thrilled About It

2 years ago

There are certain preconceptions about what is considered beautiful and what is thought to be unattractive. For example, extra weight and wearing braces are usually perceived as not as pretty as a slim body and perfect teeth. However, we should remember that we all go through phases while growing up. And when we finally reach adulthood, our appearance will have changed a lot.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has gathered some extraordinary transformations in people’s appearances that came after the passing of years.

“I was perpetually red.”

“18th birthday to 20th birthday of a good friend of mine”

“Me at 12, 20, and 28”

“My baby face and awkward smile are still part of me, just in memory and spirit now.”

“After 3 or 4 years and 120 pounds of weight loss”

“From being picked on at school for being ugly to part-time model”

“20-26. How’d I do?”

“I don’t know what happened either.”

“Thank god I didn’t have Instagram back then.”

“I’m still emo on the inside.”

“I always felt so geeky in high school. I even went through a period where I wanted to end my life in middle school because of my weight and look. Now I’m in my 30s and feeling the most confident I’ve been in my life.”

“To all middle school kids out there, it gets better, I promise!”

It’s amazing what facial hair can do to a man.

“I would 100% still wear that silky Hawaiian shirt.”

“I found my old school photo.”

“15 y.o. vs 30 y.o.”

“14 > 18. A good haircut and taking off my glasses change a lot, apparently.”

“Time has really changed me.”

“A decade of growing up and learning how to do makeup”

“Thank god for healthier hair, losing 50 pounds, and smiling more!”

“15 vs 20, weird awkward kid to (still weird) but more confident adult”

Which one of the changes above surprised you the most? How did your face and body change from childhood to your early adulthood?

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