22 Wrapping Jobs That Turned Out to Be More Original Than the Gift Itself

2 years ago

Sometimes giving is better than receiving. Imagining the surprised face of someone you want to entertain is a prelude to great satisfaction. To increase expectations after receiving a gift, many people choose to wrap it in unimaginable ways to increase curiosity and the desire to open it and discover what’s inside.

Now I’ve Seen Everything was surprised by how creative people on social media could be. They shared pics showing how they wrapped their gifts, and we made a compilation of the most original ones.

1. “A brand new roll of wrapping paper wasn’t quite big enough to cover the box, and it’s too late to go out and get more. Hopefully, he won’t see it...”

“Just pretend there is wrapping paper here. :( It’s a big box, kay? Don’t judge, I tried. Okay, thanks, bye.”

2. “My brother asked for a ladder.”

3. “My sister and I try to make it a point to never use season-appropriate wrapping paper for each other’s gifts. I had to improvise.”

4. “My friend’s wife wasn’t feeling too excited about wrapping the gifts...”

“Merry X-Mas, Sarah

— Santa”

5. “Asked the husband to wrap the gifts we got for our kiddo’s birthday. An hour later, he comes back in with this. Think we’ll have to hide it from Fluffy Pants overnight.”

6. “$100 in singles, individually wrapped, for my brother”

7. “A shark gift sculpture for my shark-crazed niece”

8. “Done wrapping my dad’s Christmas gift. But this is a joke we play every year. My wrapping skills are a level 10!”

9. “I bought a gift from Amazon and the box was full of packing paper, so I reused it and I’m so pleased with the outcome!”

10. “Is it too obvious what’s underneath the wrapping paper?”

11. “This is how I wrapped the Christmas present for my boyfriend (he really likes cats and the gift was also cat-themed).”

12. Ready for the show!

13. A gift worthy of filling your heart with sweet honey

14. “Wrapped presents with reusable wrapping ’paper’ this year...”

15. “I’ve always wrapped presents for friends in old scripts/handouts from my university days. It’s my first year doing Reddit Secret Santa, and I sent my giftee a couple of presents wrapped in a short story by Borges and the first few pages of a play I wrote.”

16. “My family loves messing with each other with how we wrap our gifts on Christmas, whether it be with deceiving packaging or elaborate wrapping. This year, however, my brother did this.”

17. “I got my brother a spare part for his bike for Christmas. Only spent about 4 hours wrapping it.”

18. “I’m not the best at wrapping, but I think this present for my parents turned out for the best!”

19. “Wrapping done!”

20. “Christmas gift: cash wrapped in 2020 gold”

21. “How else should you wrap a gift card?”

22. “My boyfriend and I have a competition for who can use this terrible wrapping paper on the dumbest gift. I present to you: Justin Bidet!”

What’s the most out-of-the-ordinary gift you’ve ever given? How did you wrap it?

Preview photo credit gooses_geeses_ / Reddit


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