22-Year-Old Woman Bought Herself a New Face and Body for $30K

5 months ago

Plastic surgeries have become a part of our daily lives and are considered commonplace, but many still feel hesitant to admit they’ve gone under the surgeon’s knife. On the contrary, 22-year-old Mia Dio openly shares her experiences with all the interventions. She embarked on her transformation journey at the age of 16 and has spent $30,000 on the path to her dream.

Mia Dio is an influencer who has a large following on TikTok and Instagram.

22-year-old Mia Dio from Miami, US shot to fame on TikTok by posting comedy skits and beauty-related content. The young woman has a whooping 5 million followers on TikTok, and she’s also popular on Instagram and YouTube. Dio is often admired for her looks by her fans, and she recently decided to shed light on how she became beautiful.

Dio chose to be honest about the cosmetic procedures she had.

In a viral YouTube video, Dio openly discussed a series of cosmetic procedures she underwent, sharing her experiences and results with her dedicated audience. The social media influencer asserted that she felt ’ugly’ in the past and decided to invest significantly in various treatments to enhance both her facial and bodily features.

She spent over $30,000 on her ’new face’.

Dio candidly describes her transformative journey, dubbing it a shift from “being botched to Barbie.” Her venture into beauty enhancements commenced at a young age, with the YouTuber revealing that her first foray was into lip fillers at the age of 16. Dio admits to becoming “addicted” to lip fillers, aspiring to achieve a look reminiscent of a Bratz doll.

At 19, Dio underwent a process to dissolve some of the filler, resulting in her current lip appearance. Having uneven filler dissolution, she subsequently sought correction after having used makeup to create evenness for over a year.

Initially fixated on lip fillers, Dio redirected her focus after high school graduation, investing $5,000 in a nose job. Dio’s expressive facial dynamics led her to explore Botox to address emerging forehead lines, inadvertently discovering a brow-lifting effect.

Venturing further, Dio experimented with a “fox eyelift,” involving threads placed under the skin to lift it, delivering a facelift effect akin to a ponytail. Embracing the desire for a flawless smile, she opted for 20 porcelain veneers, avoiding tooth shaving into “shark teeth.”

Recently advised by her dentist, Dio underwent jaw Botox to alleviate teeth grinding issues. Finally, she underwent a surgical procedure, opting for a breast augmentation that transformed her from an A-cup to double D’s.

Dio emphasized that although she has experienced increased self-confidence after her cosmetic procedures, they should not be regarded as a universal solution for low self-esteem. “I think it’s important to note that cosmetic procedures or plastic surgery aren’t meant to be a one-size-fix-all for self-esteem issues,” the influencer said in her viral video. “Although it can help.”

Mia Dio’s video quickly went viral with people applauding her integrity.

Mia Dio shared her plastic surgery experience with her fans a few months ago, and they were very supportive. “What I like is that unlike many influencers/celebs denying they had something done she’s open about it,” someone welcomed Dio’s honesty. “You were definitely not ugly before, but if this makes you happy, it’s totally fine. Your nose looks great, very natural,” another person reassured her. While another fan joked: “’You aren’t ugly just poor,’ - thanks for this confirmation. This is one of the best videos out there.”

Мia Dio’s story teaches us that plastic surgery can’t solve self-esteem issues. Before considering such a step, it’s essential to try accepting and loving oneself. If necessary, consulting with a psychologist can be a valuable option. After all, each of us is beautiful and unique.

Of course, plastic surgery won’t solve psychological self-esteem issues. However, for some individuals like Mia, such transformations have helped them feel more beautiful and happier.


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