A Cruel Tweet Trying to Shame Pierce Brosnan’s Wife Goes Viral but Swiftly Backfires on Online Troll

5 months ago

Few things are as gratifying as witnessing an internet troll receiving the exact response and lesson they deserve. Recently, a person attempted to shame Keely Shaye Smith, renowned for her joyful marriage to Hollywood icon Pierce Brosnan, 70. The individual targeted Smith with a tweet featuring photos of the couple and a caption intended to inflict harm. However, the narrative took an unexpected and whimsical turn, restoring faith in the concept of true justice.

The tweet clearly had the intention of shaming the well-known woman.

Recently, a user on a popular social network posted a cruel tweet with the explicit aim of shaming Pierce Brosnan’s wife. However, the post backfired, impacting the user directly. The individual shared a collage featuring various photos of Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith throughout different stages of their life. The post originated from an account with the description, “Campaigning against misandrist educational institutions who failed men.” Accompanying the collage was the caption, “Your daily reminder to avoid marriage.”

Despite both Smith and Brosnan maintaining their fabulous appearances over the years, the collage itself concentrated on highlighting changes in Smith’s physical appearance. Specifically, it underscored her weight gain, potentially implying a misguided notion that marriage causes women to “let themselves go.”

The cruel tweet quickly went viral.

The user behind the tweet clearly intended to generate controversy, and the post surprisingly garnered immense traction, reaching over 59 million people. The incident sparked intense discussions about societal expectations and stereotypes regarding women’s appearances. Many people redirected the conversation to celebrate Smith’s enduring beauty and the strength of her unequivocally happy marriage.

The original poster may have been taken aback, but instead of garnering support for the shaming attempt, the comment section was flooded with people expressing love and admiration for Keely Shaye Smith. Numerous supportive comments received far more likes than the original tweet. Despite the poster’s efforts to retaliate, individuals made it clear that the behavior was deemed inappropriate.

The troll literally received a boomerang from internet users.

Commenters unanimously expressed the view that Keely Shaye Smith looked beautiful in both photos. One person advised the troll to post a picture of themselves and gauge the number of marriage options they might have. Another user modified the original caption, stating, “A daily reminder that a good marriage can last.”

Paul Marks / Broadimage / EAST NEWS

Some commenters highlighted that Pierce Brosnan has repeatedly expressed his deep love for his wife and admiration for her body. Others pointed out Smith’s commitment to Brosnan, her role as a devoted mother to their children, and emphasized the strength of their union. The overwhelming consensus among users was that the original poster harbored jealousy towards Smith and Brosnan’s happiness, suggesting that they might be struggling to find true love themselves.

Reflecting on how Pierce Brosnan wished his wife a happy 60th birthday, there is undeniable evidence that the love between the star couple has only deepened and strengthened over the years.

Preview photo credit keelyshayebrosnan / Instagram, Paul Marks / Broadimage / EAST NEWS


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