An Artist Explains Why He Tattoos Children

9 months ago

In a world where body art serves as a prominent mode of self-expression, a contentious trend has surfaced. A tattoo artist is currently applying tattoos on children as young as 6 years old. This eyebrow-raising phenomenon has ignited a fervent discussion, yet we await to see how it will impact the lives of these youngsters, potentially bringing forth radiant smiles.

The beginning of kids’ tattoo experiences.

The artist Benjamin Lloyd gained widespread attention when he shared a post about tattooing a child. This post garnered over 400,000 likes. Following this, Lloyd’s videos and images, depicting his airbrushing of tattoos onto children, have also become viral sensations. These posts have amassed hundreds of thousands of likes and shares on his Facebook page.

Lloyd has already made visits to Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, and IHC, an organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of individuals with developmental delays. He has been raising funds online to sustain his mission of bringing smiles to those in need.

Spreading joy with creativity and passion

Initially, a considerable number of individuals became upset, as they believed the tattoos were permanent. However, in his post, he clarified, “It’s airbrushed on and not permanent.” The children who received these tattoos exhibited immense happiness and newfound self-assurance.

Benjamin is pursuing this endeavor because, in his words, The kids are so amazed. As soon as they get the tattoo it boosts their confidence."

The ink used is both safe and organic.

He employs non-toxic organic ink that is entirely safe for children. The process solely involves an airbrush, with no needles used. The realism of the tattoos is so convincing that some were deceived into believing they were permanent. Benjamin’s motivation for this practice isn’t driven by likes or attention; rather, he aims to bring joy to children who require it the most.

Fostering self-assurance and delight through the art of ink.

By means of his remarkable tattooing skills, he imparts his artistic talent to these children. An advantageous aspect of his craft is that he completes a lifelike tattoo using various stencils in just about 9 minutes. Thanks to the use of organic ink, the tattoos can be washed off during a shower. Amusingly, he mentioned, “The only bad thing is that they don’t want to take a shower afterward.”

A tattoo encompasses more than mere artistry; it serves as a potent channel for self-expression. It provides a distinctive avenue to articulate our sentiments and ideas, granting us the ability to reveal our innermost emotions to the world. Much like this example, we metamorphose our scars into something extraordinary and captivating, infusing our lives with creativity in a profoundly individual way.


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