Body Positive Influencer Went Viral by Revealing Her Real Shape

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Nowadays, body positivity is becoming more and more worldwide, helping many women feel confident. Karina Irby, a famous body positive influencer and swimwear brand owner, is part of this trend. She recently posted bold photos on Instagram, showing off her natural body in a bikini at the beach. Her frankness and honesty inspire many of her followers.

In the photos, Irby showcased her barely-covered derrière while arching her back and staring out at the horizon, exuding body confidence and self-love. Her caption emphasized her dedication to realness, stating, “No filters. No lighting. Just me. A kind reminder that we all need to see more frequently.”

People were quick to react, and most expressed their delight at her frankness. Her straightforward approach resonated with many, who appreciated her honesty and the refreshing change from the usual guarded responses. Social media buzzed with praise, as individuals celebrated her courage to speak openly and candidly.

This isn’t the first time Karina has made headlines. In the past, she shared a post directly addressing the negative comments about her online presence.

The video features Irby in a neon green cutaway bikini, joyfully laughing and frolicking along a beach. Accompanying the video is a screenshot of a particularly harsh message from a detractor. The message reads, “She is the single most cringey and unbearable influencer out there. Constantly tries to make herself look ugly and obese despite being a blonde girl just to cause a stir on Instagram.”

Despite the harsh criticism, Karina continues to enjoy the beach, showing that the negative comments haven’t dampened her spirit. In the caption beneath the post, she delivers a powerful clap back to her critics: “You’re mistaking my self-love and acceptance for ’cringe’ and that sounds like a YOU problem.”

Karina elaborates on the issue, questioning why people are so afraid of seeing others let loose and have fun. “I get judged if I stand around and pose like a ’good, well-behaved girl,’” she writes, pointing out the double standards she faces. She further explains that whether she’s posing or dancing around, criticism seems inevitable.

In her heartfelt message, Karina encourages people to “stay in their lane” and refrain from sharing negative opinions about strangers online. “Stop sharing your negative opinions of strangers you’ve never met before on the internet,” she asserts. She ends her post with a bold declaration of self-love: “I LOVE ME! And I like that I just want to make people smile and feel good. You should try it too.”

Karina Irby’s open attitude and self-love inspire her followers, showing that confidence and happiness are not “cringe.” By standing strong against online trolls and making bold statements, she highlights how important positivity and acceptance are in today’s digital world.


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