Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Made a Bold Answer After She Got Insulting “Too Thin” and “Too Fat” Comments

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Celebrity kids are often in the spotlight as much as their parents. Reese Witherspoon’s daughter, Ava Phillippe, recently revealed that she received insulting and controversial comments about her body. In response to online trolls speculating about her weight, Ava posted a powerful message on TikTok, strongly condemning body-shaming.

The young star addressed the internet trolls who criticized her appearance. At 24 years old, Ava posted a video on TikTok from her bathroom, set to the tune of No Doubt’s classic “Just a Girl.” The caption initially stated: “NBD [no big deal] but I just achieved a major milestone as a woman online...”

She also made an explanation concerning toxicity, writing: “Pretty is as pretty does, babes...& bodyshaming is simply toxic behavior. 💋 #loveyouasyouare (P.S. I put ‘woman’ because I see this type of thing happening disproportionately to young girls & women, but let me be clear; bodyshaming is toxic no matter who the subject is. We all deserve to feel safe & at peace in the vessel we live in.)”

“I saw two different strangers commenting on my body,” the video continued. Ava then shared the hurtful comments that made her make the video. “The first said I’m too fat... The second accused me of starving myself because I’m too thin.”

Ava then started to apply bright red lipstick to her lips and across her cheek in a messy manner, while also adding more writing: “My weight did not change in the time period between their comments (and it wouldn’t be any of their business if it did!)”.

Ava ended her video with an inspiring message. She reminded her followers: “No one deserves to be picked apart for what they look like. You don’t always know what someone’s gone through or what they struggle with. But no matter who you are... Your beauty exceeds such superficial measurements.”

Some celebrity mothers and daughters look so much alike that they could be mistaken for sisters. It’s thrilling to watch children grow up to look just like their parents, becoming two peas in a pod.

Preview photo credit reesewitherspoon / Instagram


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