10 Genius Tricks Celebrities Do to Look Immaculate When Out in Public

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When someone is a public figure, they are required and asked to attend many events where there is a red carpet. This means that they need to spend time and money to prepare their look. including clothes, hair and makeup. Everything has to be pristine and flawless, since all eyes and cameras will be on them. So, they often resort to unorthodox tricks to keep their face, body and clothes in a perfect condition.

1. Margot Robbie moisturizes her lips with cream for breastfeeding moms.

Meleah Loya / AFF-USA.com / MEGA / East News

The star of The Suicide Squad has many unusual beauty lifehacks up her sleeve. One of them is moisturizing her lips with nipple cream.

Margot confessed in jest that she is a fan of the theory that says lip balms contain components that in fact dry the skin, while nipple cream does their moisturizing job perfectly.

2. Sienna Miller used to apply ketchup to her hair.

Grosby Group / East News

Henna dye in hair is an issue that any girl could come across. Even if that girl is a celebrity. Though there are many ways to remove unwanted hair dye, Sienna Miller says that ordinary ketchup is the most effective one.

In order to get rid of the results of unsuccessful dyeing, the actress would apply ketchup to her hair every night, and it worked.

3. Bronzer instead of tights

LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News, LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News, LIMITED PICTURES / agefotostock / East News

Royal family members should wear neutral-colored tights at official events all year round despite the weather conditions. That’s what the protocol says. But Queen Letizia neglects this rule almost always. Instead, the First Lady of Spain simply tans her legs. This trick gives the skin a well-groomed and shiny look.

4. Sandra Bullock moisturizes her eyelids with buttock cream.

Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / East News

Sandra Bullock looks flawless at 57. Turns out, a buttock cream helps her in that. However, the celebrity uses it in a very unusual way. The actress applies the product to her eyes to fight wrinkles. According to Sandra, it’s her main beauty secret.

5. Many celebrities comb their hair with a toothbrush.


It’s common to see celebrities on the red carpet with sleek updos who don’t have a single hair out of place. To make even those unruly hairs in the front stay put, they use a somewhat strange finishing touch: a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray. That way, the rest of the hairstyle is not messed up, and any unruly hairs keep still.

6. Primer instead of makeup foundation


Meghan Markle is a supporter of the natural look and doesn’t hide her reddish freckles under thick layers of makeup. For this reason, Prince Harry’s spouse limits herself to using a primer only and applies a makeup foundation only to some areas on the face during official events.

7. Many celebrities wear foundation on their ears.

AA/ABACA / Abaca / East News

Celebrities’ ears can become their weak spot on the red carpet, as they sometimes look redder than the rest of their face. So they apply foundation beyond the circumference of their face, reaching all the way to the ears, past the hairline, and down to the neck as well. That way, their skin tone will look even and won’t have any contrasting areas.

8. Multifunctional shawls

Wojtek Laski / East News, LFI / Avalon / REPORTER / East News

According to the protocol, the representatives of the royal family aren’t supposed to take off their outerwear in public. That’s why Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton could be seen in elegant dress coats so often. And while they look absolutely appropriate in everyday looks, it’s quite difficult to imagine seeing an evening outfit together with outerwear. That’s when a regular shawl or a cape that matches the dress can come to the rescue. They will help keep them warm in cold weather without contradicting the rules.

9. They use sandpaper for shoes.

Janet Mandell is a famous stylist who works with clients like Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid. She usually sandpapers the bottom of her clients’ shoes because the red carpet can get a little bit slippery.
This life hack guarantees that a celebrity won’t slip and fall right in front of their peers and surrounding paparazzi.

10. Beyoncé styles her brows with a glue stick.

There are numerous brow-styling products nowadays. But Beyoncé and her makeup artist, Sir John, have a simple and quite effective way to fight naughty hair. They use a glue stick that can be found at any stationery store.

According to Sir John, glue not only does well with styling, but it also doesn’t clog pores and is easy to remove.

Preview photo credit beyonce / Instagram, Meleah Loya / AFF-USA.com / MEGA / East News


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