Drone Captured Rare Shots of Unconnected Tribe, Showing How Dramatically Unique Their Life Is

4 months ago

G. Miranda took amazing pictures for Survival International that show us a special look at unique hidden tribes around the world. You can see the mysterious Sentinelese on North Sentinel Island in India and Amazon tribes near Brazil’s Javari River valley next to Peru. These photos give us a fascinating view from above.

The drone photographs are proof of the existence of untouched tribes.

A mesmerizing compilation video, shared on Death Island Expeditions’ YouTube channel several years ago, has garnered over 3.5 million views, showcasing these remote settlements and their inhabitants. Witness tribespeople, armed with traditional bows and arrows, gazing curiously at the hovering drones, offering a poignant insight into their untouched world.

However, these untouched tribes are now in danger and need protection.

FUNAI, Brazil’s National Indian Foundation, plays a pivotal role in formulating policies concerning indigenous tribes, and their involvement in capturing drone footage underscores their commitment to preserving these cultures.

While some imagery dates back to 2008, as reported by Survival International, the significance of these visuals remains timeless, as emphasized by uncontacted tribes expert José Carlos dos Reis Meirelles Júnior. He highlighted the urgent need to protect these tribes from external threats, such as illegal logging activities encroaching from Peru.

«We did the overflight to show their houses, to show they are there, to show they exist,» he said.

Such lifestyle raises a lot of questions.

People who live in modern world don’t fully understand what does it mean «uncontacted tribe». So Survival International suggest answers on frequently asked questions.

  • What does it mean «uncontacted tribes»?
    Tribal people who don’t interact with outsiders are called uncontacted tribes. They can be entire groups or smaller parts of bigger tribes that do have contact with the outside world.
  • They have no contact with anyone at all?
    Not completely. Everyone has nearby neighbors, even if they’re far away, and they know who those neighbors are. If it’s another group, maybe even an uncontacted one, they might get along with them or not so much.
  • Maybe if these people knew what is «our» way of life, they’d choose our way of living?
    In many cases, when tribal societies come into contact with settler societies, the option they’re given is usually to become a part of the new society but often in a really poor and difficult situation. Looking back at history, it shows that tribal people often end up in a much worse condition after contact, and sometimes they might even struggle to survive.

A film has also been released. The Mission, a poignant documentary directed by Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss, sheds light on the tragic fate of American missionary John Allen Chau. His ill-fated attempt to make contact with the Sentinelese people in 2018 resulted in his untimely demise, symbolizing the delicate balance between curiosity and respect for these isolated communities.

In our large world, there are still authentic tribes living by their own rules and unique beauty standards. These standards might be different from what we know, and sometimes it’s hard for us to understand them, but it is really thrilling to know how different and unique people are on our planet.


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