Elizabeth Hurley, 58, Unshakable Love as a Single Mom to Damian Hurley, Who Calls Her “800 Parents in One”

8 months ago

Elizabeth Hurley had to single-handedly raise her child during a challenging period, navigating a bitter parenting dispute with Damian’s father. Despite being the husband of Elizabeth and a multi-millionaire, Steve Bing insisted on a DNA test before acknowledging Damian as his son. Today, Damian is all grown up, and he openly expresses his deep gratitude to the most cherished woman in his life, his mother.

Elizabeth had to go through many challenges of being a single mom.

Actress Elizabeth Hurley, 58, conceived her only son during a very short relationship with Steve Bing. It happened soon after she split from Hugh Grant in 2000. Damian was born in 2002, but his dad didn’t want to confirm his paternity, claiming that he and Elizabeth were in a non-exclusive relationship.

Later, a DNA test proved that Steve was Damian’s father. However, the multi-millionaire did not become part of Damian’s life. The two may have never even met. Bing died in 2020 and cut Damian and his other daughter out of his will when their grandfather claimed the inheritance, saying both kids were born out of wedlock.

Mother and son now have an incredible bond.

Now Damian Hurley is all grown up. The young man highly praises his mom, Elizabeth, saying she filled the role of “800 parents at the same time”. Damian revealed that they are so close they feel like “siblings.”

Damian is a filmmaker and a model, and he says he does not feel like he was deprived of anything growing up with a single mom.

Damian is also his mother’s personal photographer. As a budding photographer, Damian has a deep passion for capturing moments through his lens, a talent that particularly shines in his stunning bikini photographs of Elizabeth. She has consistently been his muse and most enthusiastic supporter, often acknowledging their collaborative sessions with pride: “When we’re on holiday together, sure he’ll take some pictures... he’s got a really good eye”.

Damian is on his way to becoming a star like his mother.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Elizabeth boasts an estimated net worth of around $50 million. In contrast, Damian’s fortune is believed to be in the vicinity of $500,000 and steadily on the rise.

Damian’s entry into the world of modeling at the age of 17 was undoubtedly influenced by Elizabeth’s illustrious career in the same field. Elizabeth, renowned for her multiple British Vogue covers and her unexpected role as an Estée Lauder spokesmodel in 1995, set a remarkably high standard.

With IMG models potentially earning upwards of $201,072 annually, Damian seems poised not only to follow in Elizabeth’s footsteps but potentially even surpass her remarkable career.

Having such a personality and appearance, Damian has often faced misconceptions about his sexual orientation, with many assuming he is gay. However, both Damian and his mother have clarified that he identifies as straight.


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