Elliot Page Found Love After Divorce and Embracing Happiness With a New Partner

8 months ago

Elliott Page has endured challenging years: a transgender journey and a public divorce. However, love now seems to be in the air for Elliott. He made his red carpet debut with his new partner Mae Martin, and even earlier, they got adorable matching tattoos. It’s a beautiful reminder of their mutual bond and the strength of their relationship

Elliot Page’s challenging breakup

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Elliot shared a secret romance with Kate Mara back in 2014. Although their relationship didn’t last, they remain good friends. Afterward, Elliot was in a relationship with Samantha Thomas for two years. Then, in 2017, he met Emma Portner, and their love story blossomed rapidly, leading to their marriage within a year.

By the end of 2020, Elliot publicly embraced his transgender identity. Just two months later, news broke about the couple’s divorce. While the reasons for their separation remain undisclosed, Portner publicly supported Page’s transition, considering his existence a profound gift.

Eliott Page unveils his new love

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Emerging from a period of apparent solitude, Page is no longer in the singles market. All eyes were on him and his new partner, Mae Martin, at the LACMA Art+Film Gala, where they donned dazzling matching tuxedos.

Martin also further solidified their pairing by posting a photo of them and Page before the event with the caption, “My King @elliotpage took me out.” Now, there’s no doubt about it, we have a new Hollywood couple to keep a watchful eye on.

And although their official debut as a couple was in late 2022, they had been in a close relationship long before. Back in August 2021, Elliot and Mae got matching coffee cup tattoos, a symbol of their bond. Mae shared a photo on Instagram with the caption “Someone stop us from getting more tattoos”, suggesting there might be more matching tattoos we’re not aware of.

Meet Mae Martin

Martin, a Canadian comedian and actor, gained recognition for a standout role in Kaley Cuoco’s TV show, The Flight Attendant. The talented artist, like Page, identifies as queer, coming out as non-binary in 2021. Martin prefers they/them pronouns but is also comfortable with she/her.

We wish the couple many long and happy years together. If you want to learn more about Elliott’s incredible journey, dive in here.


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