Fans of The Last of Us Series Want a Video Game

4 months ago

Fans of “The Last of Us” are requesting a video game adaptation of the successful series, which has recently concluded its first season. One fan, who nostalgically refers to all consoles as “Nintendo,” suggested that the story is ideal for a video game.

Many fans of the series share the belief that a video game adaptation of Joel and Ellie’s story would be an incredible experience. One cinephile, whose last console was a Gamecube, even imagined a game where Joel stealthily kills infected rather than constantly running.

Despite confirmation of a second season, there has been no mention from the series’ producers about the possibility of a video game, let alone a game series based on the story. Some fans have suggested that the game could feature various types of infected, including enemies that can be stunned with glass bottles. These ideas may be worth considering for the producers.

And while the rapidly growing fanbase of Pedro Pascal, who played the role of Joel in the Last of Us series, is waiting for the second season, we are wondering how many of them know what he looked like when he was younger. And he definitely is one of those actors who is absolutely charming at any age.


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