«You Have Young Kids. Dress How You Would Want Them to Dress!» Paris Hilton Provoked a Hot Discussion On Her Latest Outfit Choice

month ago

Paris Hilton is known for her bold fashion choices, and on Tuesday night, she turned heads on the red carpet at the Fashion Trust U.S. Awards. While some admired her stunning cutout outfit, others had mixed opinions about her overall appearance.

The 43-year-old socialite made waves at the second annual Fashion Trust U.S. Awards, sporting a striking black blazer dress with numerous intricate cutouts.

Hilton dazzled in her avant-garde Mugler ensemble, characterized by sharp shoulders, a cinched waist, and a structured skirt that elegantly draped over a black underlay, revealing glimpses of skin.

The star swept her blonde locks into a sleek bun with a side-swept bang framing her face, opting for understated jewelry — a pair of diamond studs and her eye-catching engagement ring from husband Carter Ruem.

While preparing for the event and trying the outfit on at home, Paris shared some photos of the process. Followers immediately noticed her toned legs and body:

But some people were confused not only with her outfit choice, but with her behavior.

Another celebrity woman recently stirred debate with her daring outfit choice. Dakota Johnson caused a stir with her revealing dress, while Christina’s youthful appearance also sparked discussion.


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