“I am Older Than Her Parents,” He is 70 and She is 28, But They Have a True Love Story

7 months ago

Big age gap marriages, where partners have significant differences in age, challenge societal norms and stereotypes. These unions illustrate that love transcends time, with couples proving that age is just one element in the intricate tapestry of a successful relationship. And the story of David, a 70-year-old man, and Jackie, a 28-year-old lady, is a bright example of what love can be.

The first time David saw Jackie, he was so amazed he jumped straight out of his chair.

Seven years ago, David, who was 63 at the time, crossed paths with Jackie, a young 21-year-old woman, on a dating website while he was traveling in the Philippines. It’s no secret that David and Jackie met on a well-known Filipino dating site.

David recalled, “One day, I saw her profile — I practically jumped out of my chair. I was so impressed by what I saw.”

Their very first date happened at a Starbucks coffee shop. During this meetup, Jackie already knew that she was dealing with a gentleman. After going on quite a few dates, the couple had to separate because David returned home to Oakland, California.

But the story doesn’t stop there. He missed Jackie so much that only three months later, one day, he decided to hop on a plane to the Philippines just to see her again.

Their wedding resembled a fairy tale.

On his second magical trip to her home country, Dave summoned all his courage and decided to ask Jackie the big question. After proposing to Jackie, she didn’t hesitate much and instantly said yes.

She also said, “I won’t regret marrying Dave because he’s a really nice man. He loves me, he respects me, he’s the best.” Nearly a year later, she received her visa for the United States. She also openly shared that their wedding was the best day of her life.

Dave had certain concerns regarding their relationship.

Even though Jackie was obsessed with her husband, Dave had some concerns, but not from his perspective. Dave revealed that when he was still courting Jackie, he constantly reminded her about the significant age gap between them. He even reached a point where he said that he was older than her parents. Fortunately, none of this could stop Jackie’s love for him.

The couple now lives together in the United States. Dave is retired, and Jackie works at a local drugstore. While he covers most of their expenses and bills, Jackie focuses on supporting her family back home in the Philippines by sending them the money she earns from her work.

People are really judgemental about their marriage.

David and Jackie show that age is not important in their TikTok account. But comments are mostly full of sarcasm: “How cute, gramps and granddaughter have a great time”. Or even open condemnation: “Another mail order bride.”

Nevertheless, there are many people who support the couple and believe in their true love: “He’s young at heart and doesn’t want to grow old, she keeps him feeling young. May you enjoy each other’s presence and love.”

And even inspire and share their own life experience: “Saw your story. My wife and I are 40 years apart. Hope you two are as happy and in love as we are!”

In spite of the unfavorable remarks, David affirms that Jackie has “improved his life dramatically”. He now envisions his life incomplete without her presence. He expressed: “Since we met each other, I couldn’t have been happier. If two people love each other and they want to go through life with each other, age is just a number.”

While facing unique sets of experiences, couples with a big age gap often bring diverse perspectives to the table, enriching their connection with wisdom and vitality. Such marriages remind us that age is just a number and that genuine companionship knows no chronological bounds, emphasizing that the most important factors are respect, understanding, shared aspirations, and love is stronger than age.


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