17 Couples Who Proved Age Is Just a Number When It Comes to True Love

2 years ago

When we start dating someone, there are many things to consider to understand if this person is right for us. We tend to compare our personalities, values, and hobbies, but can the age difference affect the relationship? The heroes of this article prove that age is not important when you meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, and no matter how big the age gap is, it doesn’t define happiness.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we admire people who beat stereotypes, and these 17 happy couples definitely do.

“Our age gap produced this beautiful joy!”

“I am 41, my husband is 26. My age is there in the sunspots, eye wrinkles, and gray hair I get dyed.”

“Love my man! Me (28) and him (53).”

“I’ve (age 29) been with him (age 52) through a lot, but we continue to be strong and full of love for each other.”

“This is my soulmate! I’m 35, he’s 64.”

“Yesterday was my man’s 38th birthday!! I am 24 years old and so happy.”

“I am 38 and he is 64.”

“My man is 64, and I am 29. And we are happy!”

“Neither of us like photos, but I adore him. I’m 21, he’s 35.”

“I’m 26, he’s 39 — together for 6 years, married for 3. We’re more in love today than ever!”

“Me with the love of my life — he’s 40, I’m 26.”

“We’re married! I’m 30, he’s 48.”

“Started a relationship with my landlord, it’s been over a year now, and we couldn’t be happier. I’m 28, she’s 61.”

“Just celebrated our 1-year anniversary. I’m 34, and my boyfriend is 23.”

“I’m 19, and he’s 59. We decided to share our wedding photos.”

“I’m 46, and my husband is 35.”

“We’ve been married for a year now and just had our first baby. He’s 54 and I’m 28.”

Do you think age difference can be an obstacle in a relationship?

Preview photo credit JMyers666 / Reddit, kjhme / Reddit


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