“I Can’t Stop Aging,” Sarah Jessica Parker Sharply Snaps at Ageist Remarks

7 months ago

The star of Sex and the City has had enough of unkind remarks about her age, and her frustration is palpable. Sarah Jessica Parker, who has endured ridicule about her appearance for more than two decades, has now responded, and it’s a response that has everyone saying, “You go, girl!” Furthermore, she recently shared a confession that not only surprised us but also deepened our admiration for her.

Her appearance has consistently been a topic of debate.

With the rise of Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker found herself in demanding roles, much like the ones her character Carrie would dash around New York City in. Parker became the face of a steamy, boundary-pushing show that didn’t delay in anointing her a fashion icon. However, as is often the case with significant success, it also brought forth harsh critics.

From South Park to various tabloids, Sarah found herself the subject of mockery for her appearance. Her unconventional beauty became a source of humor for some, while others continued to celebrate and laud her as a fashion icon. Nonetheless, Parker never ceased to shine on Sex and the City and continues to do so today.

She’s weary of facing judgments based on her age.

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While Parker has consistently maintained her grace by refraining from responding to unwarranted comments about her beauty, she has occasionally addressed her critics. Upon her return to the sequel of Sex and the City, titled And Just Like That..., she faced significant scrutiny, particularly in regard to her age and that of her co-stars. Given that the 58-year-old actress has naturally aged since the iconic show ended, her return to the spotlight was bound to generate some controversy.

Parker revealed in an interview that she was taken aback by the response to her age on social media. All of a sudden, people were pointing out her gray hair and wrinkles, and it became overwhelming. She remarked, “I know what I look like. I have no choice. What am I going to do about it? Stop aging? Disappear?” Sarah also raised a valid point that such attention would never be directed at a man.

However, she admits that there are a few things she’d like to change.

East News, Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

Interestingly, even as she stands up to critics, Parker maintains a candid perspective on her appearance and has shared an intriguing self-assessment. The iconic actress once confessed that she regrets not taking steps to address her age a decade or so ago. She remarked, “You know, I missed out on the facelift. Like an old-fashioned good one that you have when you’re like 44.”

Sarah, however, has not opted for Botox; instead, she favors regular visits to her dermatologist. Nonetheless, she refrains from passing judgment on individuals who choose more extensive procedures, recognizing the significant societal emphasis on appearance. Her open-minded perspective is certainly commendable.

What she does to remain luminous.

In addition to maintaining a close relationship with her dermatologist, SJP adheres to a rigorous skincare regimen. Each morning, she enjoys using a jade roller, a tool thought to reduce facial puffiness and invigorate the skin. Moisturizing is, of course, a crucial step in keeping her skin content. Surprisingly, Parker seldom wears makeup and only does so when it’s absolutely necessary.

Apart from her skincare routine, Sarah ensures she maintains a healthy diet and takes vitamins. However, she acknowledges that there’s no magic supplement that can make anyone look perfect. She prefers to keep it simple, and it works well for her.

If you’re seeking tips for women who are a bit older, let’s say, over 60-70, Susan Sarandon has some age-defying methods you can explore.

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