Ireland Baldwin Revealed Her True Body 9 Months After She Gave Birth and Spoke Harshly to Haters

2 months ago

Ireland Baldwin has posted some honest selfies on social media, talking about her body after having a baby nine months ago. Kim Basinger’s daughter not only gave tips to other moms but also had a special message for the online haters.

Besides showing off her body proudly, the 28-year-old model wrote to her followers about the challenges of losing weight after giving birth, describing it as “hard” and admitting to still having “binge” days. She emphasized the importance of taking one’s time and going at their own pace in the postpartum journey.

«9 months postpartum and I’m far from where I want to be, but I’m over the hump and finally finding time to get this ass into shape. Not necessarily working out every day, but making strides to be more consistent. Walk more. Move more,» she captioned the post.

«Just wanted to do a solidarity post with anyone who’s having a tough time getting inspired to change bad habits/work on yourself. I still have days where I binge-eat an entire box of Girl Scout cookies for dinner, but that’s ok! It took 7–9 months to even start to lose any baby weight or care to,» she added.

At the end of the text, Ireland mentioned the haters and doubters, those who make mothers feel any less for not being in tip-top shape. «And anyone who makes you feel bad for going at your own pace or not being enough can suck it. This is HARD. Be kind to yourself,» she said.

In the comments, people rushed to show support, including Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ own daughter Rummer, who left a comment saying, «Obsessed with you.»

People in comments shared not only their support and full understanding, but also replied with some humour.

  • I’m still trying to lose baby weight. My daughter is 18. © alexandrarademaker / Instagram
  • With you on the journey! Not baby weight (not brave enough to procreate yet!) — just eating-too-much-cheese weight. Sending good joojoo for your journey, looks like you’re doing an amazing job already! © mrsbh_88 / Instagram
  • My favorite thing to do is push my hands around my belly button area, AKA Land of the Rolls, and scream «does anyone want a bagel?!» to my husband and kids. © danesburdge / Instagram

When celebrity women become moms, it brings up important things about what giving birth and being a mom is really like. It shows that no matter how famous or successful you are, being a mom has its real and meaningful challenges and experiences. It’s a reminder that parenting is something special and shared by all kinds of women.


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