Hilary Duff Let Her 9-Year-Old Son Watch Her Give Birth and His Reaction Was Something

7 months ago

More and more people are choosing to have babies at home. It’s seen as a natural and comfortable option, where the focus is on a personal and family-oriented experience. Hilary Duff had a compelling reason behind this choice and shared all her experience.

It wasn’t an easy decision for her.

Hilary Duff has been a vocal advocate for homebirth, having welcomed both her daughters, Banks and Mae, in the comfort of her own home. However, what’s even more surprising is that Duff had her older son, Luca, present during the birth of his baby sister, Mae.

Duff’s decision to have a home birth was not without its risks, and she acknowledged that it was a decision that required careful consideration and planning. However, for her, the benefits of having her family present during such a monumental moment far outweighed any potential risks.

Duff wanted to teach her son the miracle of childbirth.

Duff got real about her love for bringing her little ones into the world in the comfort of her own home. “It’s kind of the most hippie-dippy thing about me to have my kids around while I’m birthing,” she admitted with a laugh. But as it turns out, it’s a beautiful experience for the whole family.

For Duff, having Luca present during the birth was an important teaching moment about the strength of women and the miracle of childbirth. “It was kind of important for me because I’m really big on being open and honest with him about how strong women are and what childbirth looks like,” Duff shared.

She also added that her son knows “all about periods and it’s important for me to normalize that conversation with him for all the women that are going to be in his life.” It’s clear that Duff is not only a loving mother, but also a powerful advocate for women’s health and empowerment.

Luca’s reaction was really adorable.

“At first I thought it was really weird — but it was beautiful to bring another member in with everyone around,” Hilary revealed.

Duff reminisced about the moment when Luca started to sing Mae “Happy Birthday” as she made her entrance into the world. ‘He was like ‘We should sing her ‘happy birthday!’’ she described it as one of her cherished memories, expressing that it holds a special place among her favorites.

Every woman has the freedom to choose how and when she wants to bring a new life into the world. Whether it’s in a hospital, birthing center, or at home, the decision on how to give birth is a personal one. Respecting and supporting each woman’s choice ensures that childbirth is a deeply individual and empowered experience for every mother.


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