Jennifer Lawrence Speaks Out on Why She Asked Robert De Niro to Leave on Her Wedding Day

4 months ago

At the age of 33, Jennifer Lawrence tied the knot with Cooke Maroney in 2019, celebrating their wedding at a mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. During the Golden Globes, Lawrence offered her insights into her wedding day. While numerous brides hold it dear as their finest moment, Lawrence characterized her experience as a bride as “unpleasant.” Additionally, she recounted the events involving her and Robert De Niro on that particular day.

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Despite the presence of numerous celebrities on the guest list, Lawrence disclosed that the event wasn’t as glamorous as it appeared. Weather conditions posed a significant challenge, with Lawrence’s mother, Karen, expressing concern by noting, “It’s freezing out there, your grandmother almost died.” The stress wasn’t limited to the wedding day, as Lawrence also experienced anxiety about the guests during the rehearsal dinner.


While Robert De Niro was included in the guest list, Jennifer Lawrence experienced regret upon seeing him at the wedding. Worried that he might feel out of place, she discreetly whispered to him, “Go home.” Despite De Niro’s politeness and engagement in conversation with her parents, Lawrence sensed that the extravagant event might not align with his preferences.

Despite Robert De Niro’s initial willingness to stay, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that he ultimately complied with the suggestion and left the event. “That just genuinely made me feel better,” Lawrence shared. While her wedding day may not have unfolded as the picture-perfect bliss she envisioned, it did signify the commencement of her family life with Cooke Maroney, a family that has now expanded to include their son, Cy.

Weddings often unfold amidst a whirlwind of activity, revealing uncomfortable moments, especially when family tensions and concealed secrets emerge. If you’re intrigued by these stories and the challenges people face, this article is the ideal read.

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