Martha Stewart, 82, Confidently Rocks a Silver Dress With a Daring Thigh-High Slit, Defying Age Stereotypes

8 months ago

At the age of 82, Martha Stewart challenges conventional notions of aging. She radiates in a bold silver gown designed by Andrew Yu, as beautifully captured in a recent Instagram post.

“Fun to dress up every now and then,” Stewart wrote in her caption, emanating confidence. The acclaimed home design expert enhanced her appearance with silver heels and gracefully dangling shoulder-length earrings.

An outpouring of enthusiastic responses poured in from her followers, lauding her timeless elegance and vibrant spirit. One admirer commented, “Martha still out here slaying!! You are gorgeous!! The epitome of style and grace mixed with fire and sass!” Meanwhile, others chimed in, saying, “She grabs life by the tail and keeps reinventing herself and moving forward. I admire her.”

With unwavering confidence, Stewart proudly showcases her enduring beauty and boldly asserts in an interview that her well-known “thirst traps” will continue to adorn her social media feed. Emphasizing that “people like pretty pictures,” she remains undisturbed by critics who speculate that she shares these photos as a diversion from her age.

“I don’t think about that,” the former TV host clarified. “I don’t think about age.”

Earlier Martha Stewart made history as the oldest cover model ever featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, exuding confidence in a white one-piece swimsuit paired with a striking orange cover-up.

Preview photo credit marthastewart48 / Instagram


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