Mom Who Faced Harsh Criticism for Lasering Her Baby’s Large Birthmark Reveals Her Reasons

6 months ago

Brooke Atkins and her partner eagerly anticipated the arrival of their son. However, shortly after his birth, they noticed a significant “port wine” mark on his face, which had the potential to become a serious health concern. When the parents made the decision to seek laser treatment for the birthmark, they faced some criticism. Nonetheless, the concerned mother shared her reasons for choosing laser treatment for her son’s birthmark, bravely defending her decision.

Baby’s rare skin condition and its complications.

I have seen a birth mark of this size and she di not have the laser and the procedure to remove it later is harsh


Brooke Atkins, a 34-year-old stay-at-home mother who lives in the Gold Coast area of Queensland, Australia, welcomed her son, Kingsley, into the world in 2022. She and her partner, 28-year-old Kewene Wallace, received the news that their son had a rare medical condition.

While port-wine stain birthmarks are typically benign, their presence on the face, particularly around the eye area, can be linked to conditions such as Sturge-Weber Syndrome and glaucoma. These conditions may give rise to seizures, other disabilities, and potential vision impairment, which could ultimately lead to blindness.

Regrettably, Kingsley received diagnoses for both of these conditions, raising concerns about his overall well-being. Brooke, who is also the mother of a 2-year-old daughter named Amarni, pointed out that the problem with port-wine stains is their progressive nature, as they tend to darken over time.

The mother made the decision to remove the birthmark through laser treatment.

Moreover, Brooke received criticism from trolls who called her a “monster” for opting to remove her baby’s facial birthmark. This condition can develop raised bumps, ridges, and the risk of vascular blebs, which can dangerously bleed, and once a port-wine stain reaches this stage, it becomes difficult to treat with laser, as the skin is already too damaged.

Accordingly, the concerned mother asserted that her decision was made in the best interest of her child, making early intervention critical for successful treatment.

She was severely criticized for her decision

Furthermore, Brooke clarified that the intention behind the laser treatment was not to entirely eliminate the birthmark but to preserve the health of the skin and avoid additional damage to the affected area. Nevertheless, some individuals online continued to criticize the mother for opting for the procedure. One user argued that the birthmark was hardly noticeable, insinuating that the treatment was more for the mother’s benefit than the child’s. Another accused Brooke of potentially causing her son to feel insecure from an early age.

Ridiculous. Leave mom alone. That is her baby and she has a right to do what she feels is best for the little one. If I had a baby with the same type of birthmark, I'd have it the same procedure done as it is better than when the baby is older has to go through the torment of cruel people. I say, mom did a good job. If doctors felt it was wrong for the baby, the baby would still have the birthmark.


The mother openly conveyed her disappointment with the harsh comments, emphasizing that they caused emotional pain for her and her family. She expressed a wish for people to have a better understanding of her son’s condition before passing judgment. “I’m trolled for lasering my baby’s face, but I know I’m right,” the mom insisted. “It’s not like I got up one day and decided, ’Hey, I’m going to get rid of his birthmark. I don’t think he’s cute.’ I think he is the most beautiful boy in the whole entire world. There is no doubt about that,” she continued to explain.

Fortunately, despite the extensive criticism on social media regarding her decision to opt for the procedure for Kingsley, there are others who have come to her defense. They argue that, as his mother, she knows what is best for him.

Nevertheless, there is still a long journey ahead towards recovery.

In addition, the mother shared that her family’s journey has only just started, and there is a considerable road ahead. Despite enduring over 20 hospital appointments, consultations with 10 different specialists across 5 medical departments, and undergoing numerous tests and treatments, her son continues to be a happy, affectionate, and sweet child.

Brooke maintains an optimistic outlook regarding her son’s future and is unwavering in her determination to support him through any challenges that may arise.

Earlier, we shared the story of another mother whose child has a rare mark on her face. This mom is dedicated to ensuring her daughter grows up as confident and joyful as she is today.


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